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How to pronounce cascade (audio)

Dictionary definition of cascade

A sequence of waterfalls or a series of stages in which one thing leads to another in a continuous flow.
"The cascade of colors in the sunset painted the sky with vibrant hues."

Detailed meaning of cascade

When we think of a cascade, we typically imagine a beautiful natural wonder of water flowing over rocks in a breathtaking display of nature's beauty. However, a cascade can also refer to a series of events, such as a cascade of errors, where one mistake leads to another, causing a chain reaction of problems. Cascades can also be seen in various industrial or mechanical processes where material or information flows in a series of steps. Overall, a cascade is a dynamic process that involves a series of related events or stages, often characterized by a sense of continuity or progression.

Example sentences of cascade

1. The waterfall's cascade of water sparkled in the sunlight.
2. She watched as the cascade of leaves fell from the tree in autumn.
3. The cascade of emotions overwhelmed him during the heartfelt reunion.
4. In the distance, we could hear the gentle cascade of a babbling brook.
5. The company experienced a cascade of problems after the CEO resigned.
6. As he turned on the faucet, a cascade of cold water rushed out.

History and etymology of cascade

The noun 'cascade' has an etymology that can be traced back to the Italian word 'cascata,' which means 'waterfall.' This Italian term is derived from the Vulgar Latin word 'cascare,' which means 'to fall' or 'to drop.' In English, 'cascade' entered the lexicon in the 17th century, and it refers to a sequence of waterfalls or a series of stages in which one thing leads to another in a continuous flow, much like the falling and flowing of water in a waterfall. The word's origin in 'cascata' emphasizes the visual and auditory aspects of a cascade, evoking the image of water gracefully falling and flowing downward, stage by stage, in a natural and beautiful manner.

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Further usage examples of cascade

1. The cascade of information on the internet can be both a blessing and a curse.
2. The cascade of applause filled the theater after the stunning performance.
3. They hiked through the forest to reach the hidden cascade.
4. The cascade of books on the library shelves seemed endless.
5. The champagne flowed in a cascading stream into the crystal flutes.
6. He marveled at the cascade of stars in the night sky.
7. The cascade of tears streamed down her cheeks as she spoke about her loss.
8. The majestic cascade of the waterfall was a sight to behold.
9. The cascade of events that followed the announcement changed their lives forever.
10. She enjoyed the soothing sound of the cascade in the meditation garden.
11. The cascade of bubbles rose to the surface as the scuba divers explored the reef.
12. The cascade of messages flooded her inbox after the viral video was shared.
13. He carefully arranged the flowers in a cascading bouquet for the wedding.
14. The cascade of flavors in the dish was a culinary masterpiece.
15. A cascade of problems arose when the project encountered unexpected delays.
16. The cascade of snowflakes covered the landscape in a blanket of white.
17. The waterfall's cascade provided a natural source of hydropower for the village.



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