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How to pronounce catechize (audio)

Dictionary definition of catechize

To put questions to someone, often in a systematic and structured way.
"The professor would catechize their students on the theories and concepts of the course."

Detailed meaning of catechize

It is often used in the context of religious instruction or education, where a teacher or mentor might catechize a student in the tenets of a particular faith. Catechizing can involve asking a series of questions and expecting specific answers, or it can involve a more open-ended and exploratory style of questioning. The term "catechize" can also be used more broadly, to describe the act of questioning or interrogating someone about their beliefs, opinions, or actions. For example, a journalist might catechize a politician about their stance on a controversial issue, in order to elicit a clear and coherent response. Overall, the term "catechize" suggests a systematic and deliberate approach to questioning and testing someone's knowledge or beliefs.

Example sentences of catechize

1. The priest would catechize his congregation on the importance of forgiveness.
2. The teacher would often catechize her students on the rules of grammar and syntax.
3. The politician would catechize their constituents on their party's policies.
4. The coach would catechize their players on the importance of teamwork and discipline.
5. The mentor would catechize their mentee on the values of hard work and perseverance.
6. The parent would catechize their child on the importance of honesty and integrity.

History and etymology of catechize

The verb 'catechize' derives from the Greek word 'katekhizein,' which is derived from 'kata,' meaning 'down' or 'thoroughly,' and 'ekhein,' meaning 'to sound' or 'to teach orally.' Originally, in ancient Greece, 'katekhizein' referred to the practice of instructing and questioning individuals in a systematic and thorough manner, often in the context of religious or philosophical education. The word later entered the realm of Christianity, where it became associated with the systematic teaching and questioning of individuals in matters of faith and doctrine. Thus, 'catechize' reflects its etymological roots in the structured and methodical process of instructing and questioning to impart knowledge and understanding, particularly in religious and educational contexts.

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Further usage examples of catechize

1. The pastor would catechize their congregation on the meaning of grace and redemption.
2. The trainer would catechize the new employees on the company's policies and procedures.
3. The elder would catechize the young on the customs and traditions of their community.
4. The philosopher would catechize their followers on the complexities of existence and consciousness.
5. The therapist would catechize their patients on the importance of self-care and mental health.
6. She decided to catechize the new employees about company policies.
7. The teacher will catechize the students on their homework.
8. He enjoys catechizing his friends on trivia.
9. The journalist will catechize the politician during the interview.
10. They plan to catechize the candidates during the job interviews.
11. The detective will catechize the witness to gather information.
12. Parents often catechize their children about safety.
13. The counselor will catechize the patient to assess their mental state.
14. She likes to catechize experts on their areas of expertise.
15. The researcher will catechize participants in the study.
16. The lawyer will catechize the witness in court.
17. The doctor will catechize the patient about their symptoms.
18. The chef will catechize the trainees on cooking techniques.
19. The coach will catechize the team on the game plan.
20. The moderator will catechize the panelists during the debate.
21. The scientist will catechize colleagues about their research.
22. He tends to catechize his friends during debates.
23. She decided to catechize the audience during the lecture.
24. The manager will catechize employees about the new policies.
25. The host will catechize the contestants on the quiz show.
26. The therapist will catechize clients to understand their issues.
27. He chose to catechize the experts on the topic.
28. The principal will catechize the students about the rules.
29. The officer will catechize the suspect during the interrogation.
30. The mentor will catechize the mentee about career goals.



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