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How to pronounce cessation (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'cessation'

The act of stopping or discontinuing something, either temporarily or permanently.
"The cessation of hostilities allowed humanitarian aid to reach those in need."

Detailed Meaning of 'cessation'

It can refer to the cessation of a physical action or a state of being, such as the cessation of smoking or the cessation of hostilities in a war. The word "cessation" implies a deliberate and intentional decision to stop something, rather than it simply coming to an end naturally. It can be used in a variety of contexts, including business, medicine, law, and diplomacy. Cessation can be voluntary, as in the case of someone choosing to stop a bad habit, or involuntary, as in the case of a government ordering the cessation of certain activities. The term "cessation" is often used in a serious or formal tone, and it suggests that the action being stopped is significant or has important consequences.

History and Etymology of 'cessation'

The noun 'cessation' has its origins in Latin, specifically from the word 'cessatio,' which is derived from 'cessare,' meaning 'to cease' or 'to stop.' In Latin, 'cessatio' referred to the act of stopping or discontinuing something, either temporarily or permanently. It embodies the idea of a pause or interruption in an ongoing action or state. As the term was adopted into English, it maintained this core meaning, describing the action of stopping or bringing something to a halt, whether for a brief period or permanently. The etymology of 'cessation' underscores the concept of cessation as an act of ceasing or discontinuing, emphasizing the idea of putting an end to something, even if only temporarily.

Examples of 'cessation' in a Sentence

1. Cessation of funding led to the closure of the research project.
2. The doctor recommended the cessation of certain medications.
3. The sudden cessation of music surprised the party guests.
4. The cessation of economic growth raised concerns about a recession.
5. Cessation of the factory's operations impacted the local job market.
6. Cessation of the train service delayed commuters.
7. The cessation of noise pollution in the neighborhood was celebrated.
8. Cessation of support from sponsors left the charity struggling.
9. The cessation of political protests allowed for a peaceful transition.
10. The cessation of rainfall signaled the arrival of a sunny day.
11. Cessation of online services caused frustration among users.
12. The cessation of applause signaled the end of the performance.
13. The cessation of construction was a relief to nearby residents.
14. The doctor recommended the cessation of strenuous physical activity.
15. The cessation of hostilities between the two countries was a welcome relief for civilians caught in the crossfire.
16. Smoking cessation programs have helped millions of people quit smoking for good.
17. The company announced the cessation of operations due to financial difficulties.
18. The cessation of rainfall caused widespread drought and crop failures.
19. The ceasefire agreement called for an immediate cessation of all military activity.
20. The cessation of construction work caused delays and cost overruns for the project.
21. The treaty included a cessation of all trade sanctions between the two nations.
22. The doctor recommended the cessation of certain medications due to potential side effects.
23. The cessation of flights due to bad weather stranded thousands of travelers at the airport.
24. The cessation of production at the factory led to widespread job losses in the community.
25. The court ordered the cessation of all construction on the disputed property until a legal resolution was reached.





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