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ending, initiation, beginning, start


TOEFL 11, Wholeness and Completion, Decision and Discretion, Endings and Transitions



How to pronounce termination (audio)


Dictionary definition of termination

The act of ending or concluding something, often used to describe the formal or final cessation of a process, relationship, or agreement.
"The project faced sudden termination due to a lack of funds."

Detailed meaning of termination

It represents the point at which a particular activity, employment, or contract is brought to a close. Termination can encompass various contexts, such as the termination of a business partnership, termination of an employment contract, or termination of a project. It implies the intentional or planned conclusion of an undertaking, and it may involve the fulfillment of certain conditions or the invocation of specific clauses or provisions outlined in a contract or agreement. Termination carries the connotation of a definitive and irreversible end, typically with legal or contractual implications, leading to the dissolution of existing obligations or responsibilities.

Example sentences containing termination

1. The termination of his employment was unexpected.
2. She received a notice regarding the termination of her contract.
3. His abrupt termination left the team in a state of disarray.
4. The company is considering the termination of its outdated services.
5. There are certain procedures to follow before the termination of a lease.
6. The termination of the agreement was mutually decided by both parties.

History and etymology of termination

The noun 'termination' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'terminatio,' which is derived from 'terminare,' meaning 'to set boundaries' or 'to end.' This etymology precisely captures the essence of 'termination' as the act of ending or concluding something, often used to describe the formal or final cessation of a process, relationship, or agreement. 'Termination' signifies the deliberate action of setting boundaries or limits, marking the endpoint of a particular undertaking or connection. It reflects the recognition that in various aspects of life, there comes a time when things must come to an end, and 'termination' encapsulates this concept of closure and finality.

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Further usage examples of termination

1. The government issued a statement about the termination of the old subsidy program.
2. The termination point of the marathon is at the city square.
3. After the termination of the trial period, you will be billed monthly.
4. Termination clauses in contracts are crucial for protecting one's interests.
5. The early termination fee discouraged him from switching to a different service provider.
6. The termination of the project surprised the team.
7. His termination from the company was unexpected.
8. A mutual termination of their partnership was agreed upon.
9. The termination of the contract left them in limbo.
10. The termination of their friendship was painful for both.
11. A wrongful termination lawsuit followed his dismissal.
12. The termination of the lease required a 30-day notice.
13. The union protested the termination of employee benefits.
14. A termination clause is standard in most contracts.
15. His termination marked the end of an era in the company.
16. The termination of the marriage was emotionally taxing.
17. The termination of the service disrupted their operations.
18. Legal advice is crucial during employment termination.
19. The termination of the concert disappointed many fans.
20. The termination of negotiations led to a stalemate.
21. They reached an amicable termination of their relationship.
22. The termination of the lease required a thorough inspection.
23. The termination of the program impacted many students.
24. Termination notices were issued due to budget constraints.
25. The termination of the treaty raised diplomatic tensions.

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