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How to pronounce suspension (audio)

Dictionary definition of suspension

The act or state of temporarily stopping, delaying, or putting on hold something that was previously in motion or progress.
"The athlete was devastated when he received a suspension for doping."

Detailed meaning of suspension

It involves the interruption or cessation of an activity, process, or condition. Suspension can be applied to various contexts, such as in the legal system, where it refers to the temporary withholding of a sentence or punishment. In the educational realm, suspension refers to the temporary removal of a student from school due to disciplinary reasons. In the field of engineering, suspension refers to a system that allows a vehicle or structure to remain supported or balanced by suspending it from above or below. Overall, suspension denotes a pause or temporary discontinuation that often serves as a means of addressing issues, ensuring safety, or making necessary adjustments before resuming the normal course of action.

Example sentences containing suspension

1. I was startled when I heard about John's suspension from school.
2. The mountain bike's suspension smoothed out the rough trail.
3. Nanoparticles in suspension can be used for advanced medical treatments.
4. After the suspension, he was eager to prove himself.
5. Due to the strong suspension bridge, the travelers could cross the valley safely.
6. The game's suspension due to rain disappointed the fans.

History and etymology of suspension

The noun 'suspension' stems from the Latin word 'suspensio,' which is derived from 'suspendere' (to hang up or suspend). In this etymology, 'suspendere' combines 'sub' (under) and 'pendere' (to hang), suggesting the idea of something being hung below a certain point, leading to its temporary stoppage or delay. As 'suspension' made its way into Middle English from Old French as 'suspencion,' it retained its fundamental concept of the act or state of temporarily stopping, delaying, or putting on hold something that was previously in motion or progress. Thus, its etymology highlights the notion of a temporary interruption, akin to the act of suspending an object from a certain point.

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Further usage examples of suspension

1. Following the scandal, the CEO faced a temporary suspension from his duties.
2. The mechanic explained that the car's suspension needed repair.
3. A suspension of disbelief is necessary when watching science fiction movies.
4. The cell suspension was centrifuged for five minutes.
5. He studied the suspension of the hanging lamp, intrigued by its design.
6. The judge ordered a suspension of the trial until new evidence could be reviewed.
7. The suspension of particles in the air made the sunlight in the room visible.
8. The faulty suspension caused the car to bump uncomfortably on the rough road.
9. The milk turned sour, and there was a suspension of tiny clumps floating at the top.
10. In the face of adversity, she found strength in the suspension of her fears.
11. The suspension system of the new sports car provided a smooth and comfortable ride.
12. The treaty called for a suspension of hostilities between the two nations.
13. After his suspension from the team, Robert worked harder than ever to improve his game.
14. The antique chandelier's suspension was reinforced to ensure its safety.



cessation, continuation, resumption, persistence


Suffix -sion, Alternation and Rotation, Control and Discipline, Disappearance and Loss, Division and Separation, Elimination and Suspension, Irregular and Unpredictable, Renunciation and Suspension

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