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How to pronounce encourage (audio)

Dictionary definition of encourage

To inspire, motivate, or instill confidence and support in someone or a group of individuals.
"We should encourage children to explore various hobbies and interests."

Detailed meaning of encourage

It involves using words, actions, or gestures to uplift and bolster someone's spirit, reinforcing their determination, and fostering a positive mindset. Encouragement serves as a catalyst for growth, progress, and the pursuit of goals, often offering reassurance and showing belief in someone's abilities. By providing encouragement, individuals can create an environment that cultivates self-confidence, resilience, and a sense of purpose, empowering others to overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

Example sentences containing encourage

1. Self-help books often encourage readers to adopt positive habits.
2. The university plans to encourage interdisciplinary studies in the coming years.
3. Non-profit organizations encourage communities to work together for a common cause.
4. Companies nowadays encourage remote working to improve work-life balance.
5. Mentorship programs encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience between professionals.
6. Parents should encourage open communication with their children from a young age.

History and etymology of encourage

The verb 'encourage' has its origins in Old French, where it was spelled as 'encoragier,' and it can be further traced back to the Latin term 'incoraggiare.' The Latin word consists of 'in,' meaning 'in,' and 'cor,' meaning 'heart,' with the addition of the suffix '-agium,' indicating action or process. This etymology underscores the idea of giving support or instilling courage and confidence 'in the heart' of someone. Therefore, 'encourage' reflects the act of inspiring, motivating, or providing support and reassurance to individuals or groups, emphasizing the positive impact it has on one's determination and spirit, in accordance with its historical linguistic roots.

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Further usage examples of encourage

1. I encourage you to take a break if you feel overwhelmed with work.
2. Support groups encourage individuals to share their experiences and challenges.
3. Employers should encourage skill development among employees for career growth.
4. A diverse work environment can encourage innovation and creativity.
5. Encourage your children to explore their passions and interests fully.
6. Teachers play a vital role in encouraging students to excel academically.
7. Positive feedback can encourage employees to perform their best.
8. Setting achievable goals can encourage personal growth and development.
9. Surround yourself with people who encourage your dreams.
10. Encourage teamwork to foster a collaborative work environment.
11. Leaders should encourage innovation within their organizations.
12. Kind words can encourage someone going through a tough time.
13. Supportive friends can encourage you to pursue your aspirations.
14. Encourage a culture of continuous learning in your workplace.
15. Parents should always encourage their children to be curious.
16. Encourage eco-friendly practices to protect the environment.
17. Leaders should encourage open communication among team members.
18. Encourage self-care as a way to maintain mental and physical health.
19. Encourage volunteering to give back to the community.
20. Encourage a positive mindset to overcome challenges.
21. Encourage creativity to inspire new ideas and solutions.
22. Encourage responsible spending habits for financial stability.
23. Don't hesitate to encourage someone to follow their heart.
24. Encourage diversity and inclusivity for a richer perspective.



motivate, discourage, dishearten, deter


Prefix en-, Suffix -age, Care and Nurture, Middle School 16, Confidence and Optimism

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