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How to pronounce chastise (audio)

Dictionary definition of chastise

To criticize or scold someone severely, often as a form of punishment or disciplinary action.
"The coach would chastise the players for their poor performance during practice."

Detailed meaning of chastise

It is characterized by the use of harsh or severe language, often motivated by a belief that the person being chastised has done something wrong. The verb form of chastise is often used in a parental or authoritative sense, where a parent or authority figure scolds or disciplines a child or subordinate for misbehavior. An example of a sentence using the word chastise would be "The coach chastised the team for their poor performance, demanding that they work harder to improve."

Example sentences of chastise

1. The teacher decided to chastise the student for not completing their homework.
2. She would often chastise her dog for chewing on the furniture.
3. He didn't want to chastise his employees in public, so he called them into his office.
4. The parent had to chastise their child for hitting their sibling.
5. The boss would chastise the employees for arriving late to work.
6. She would chastise herself whenever she made a mistake.

History and etymology of chastise

The verb 'chastise' has its etymological origins in Old French and Latin. It is derived from the Old French word 'chastiier,' which means 'to punish' or 'to correct.' This Old French term can be traced back to the Latin word 'castigare,' formed by combining 'castus' (pure) and 'agere' (to do). In Latin, 'castigare' originally meant to make something pure or correct, often through punishment or discipline. Over time, 'castigare' evolved into 'chastiier' in Old French, and eventually into the modern English 'chastise.' The etymology of 'chastise' effectively conveys the idea of criticizing or scolding someone severely, often as a form of punishment or disciplinary action, emphasizing the corrective aspect of the word's historical roots.

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Further usage examples of chastise

1. The teacher would chastise the students for talking during class.
2. The sergeant would chastise the soldiers for not following orders.
3. He decided to chastise his friend for spreading false rumors about him.
4. The judge would chastise the lawyer for inappropriate behavior in the courtroom.
5. She couldn't help but chastise her partner for forgetting their anniversary.
6. The coach would chastise the team for not giving their best effort during the game.
7. The teacher would chastise the students for not paying attention in class.
8. The manager would chastise the employees for not meeting their sales targets.
9. She would chastise herself for not studying enough for the exam.
10. The parent would chastise their child for being disrespectful.
11. The supervisor would chastise the worker for not following safety protocols.
12. He decided to chastise his roommate for leaving a mess in the kitchen.
13. The teacher would chastise the students for not completing their assignments on time.
14. The teacher had to chastise the student for disrupting the class repeatedly.
15. He couldn't help but chastise himself for making such a careless mistake.
16. It's essential to chastise bullying behavior to create a safe environment.
17. The coach had to chastise the team for their lackluster performance.
18. She didn't want to chastise her child but needed to teach them right from wrong.
19. He decided not to chastise his coworker but offer help instead.
20. Chastising others without offering solutions isn't productive.
21. The manager chose to chastise the employee privately to avoid embarrassment.
22. Parents sometimes need to chastise their children to instill discipline.
23. It's important to chastise discrimination in all its forms.
24. She decided to chastise herself for procrastinating and vowed to do better.


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