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How to pronounce reprove (audio)


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Dictionary definition of reprove

To criticize or rebuke someone for their actions or behavior, usually in a stern or disapproving manner.
"The captain will reprove the team for their poor performance in the game."

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Detailed meaning of reprove

When someone is reproved, they are being corrected or admonished for doing something that is considered wrong or unacceptable. Reproving can take many forms, such as offering constructive feedback, delivering a stern warning, or expressing disappointment. The goal of reproving is typically to encourage someone to change their behavior, to learn from their mistakes, or to prevent them from causing harm to themselves or others. Reproving can be done in a variety of contexts, from the workplace to personal relationships to academic settings. The use of 'reprove' emphasizes the idea of holding someone accountable for their actions and encouraging them to take responsibility for their behavior.

Example sentences containing reprove

1. The teacher had to reprove the disruptive student to maintain class discipline.
2. He didn't hesitate to reprove his colleague for not meeting the deadline.
3. Parents often reprove their children when they misbehave to instill values.
4. It's important to reprove offensive language and promote respectful communication.
5. The manager decided to reprove the employee for repeatedly violating company policies.
6. The coach had to reprove the team for their lack of effort during practice.

History and etymology of reprove

The verb 'reprove' has its roots in Latin and Old French, shedding light on its etymology. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'reprobare,' where 're' indicates an intensive or emphatic sense, and 'probare' means 'to approve' or 'to prove.' In essence, 'reprobare' meant to disapprove strongly or to find fault with something or someone. As Latin influenced Old French, 'reprobare' evolved into 'reprover,' which means to criticize or rebuke someone for their actions or behavior, often in a stern or disapproving manner. Eventually, this term made its way into Middle English as 'repreve,' which later became the modern English 'reprove.' The etymology of 'reprove' underscores its historical connection to the act of strong disapproval or criticism, reflecting a sense of emphatic censure.

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Further usage examples of reprove

1. She chose to reprove her friend gently for making an insensitive comment.
2. The professor is known to reprove students who plagiarize their assignments.
3. The supervisor had to reprove the worker for neglecting safety protocols.
4. It's essential to reprove unethical behavior in the workplace to maintain integrity.
5. Instead of reprove, let's try to educate and foster a culture of learning.
6. He dared not reprove his boss for fear of losing his job.
7. The teacher will reprove the students for their disruptive behavior.
8. The parent decided to reprove their child for their disrespectful attitude.
9. It is important to reprove wrongdoing in order to maintain a fair environment.
10. She chose to reprove her friend for spreading false rumors.
11. The manager had to reprove the employee for repeatedly missing deadlines.
12. The coach would reprove the team for their lack of discipline.
13. The supervisor felt the need to reprove the substandard work of the employee.
14. The judge will reprove the attorney for their unprofessional conduct.
15. The mentor took it upon themselves to reprove their mentee for their unethical behavior.
16. The principal will reprove the student council for their irresponsible actions.
17. The professor will reprove the student for plagiarizing their essay.
18. The police officer will reprove the driver for their reckless driving.
19. The sergeant major would reprove the soldiers for not following orders.
20. The committee chairperson will reprove the member for their inappropriate comments.
21. The editor will reprove the writer for the errors in their article.
22. The supervisor will reprove the employee for their unprofessional conduct.
23. The pastor will reprove the congregation for their lack of commitment.
24. The project manager will reprove the team for their failure to meet deadlines.


reprimand, praise, commend, approve


SAT 17 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Rigor and Rebellion, Criticism and Censure

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