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How to pronounce chauvinistic (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'chauvinistic'

Excessive and biased loyalty, superiority, or prejudice towards a particular gender, nationality, or group.
"The professor was known for his chauvinistic views, often dismissing the contributions of minority groups."

Detailed Meaning of 'chauvinistic'

It denotes an unwarranted and often aggressive sense of superiority and an overtly biased belief in the inherent superiority of one's own group over others. Chauvinistic attitudes often manifest in the form of discrimination, objectification, or the promotion of stereotypes, and they can lead to the marginalization or oppression of those who do not align with the favored group. Chauvinistic individuals may hold demeaning or derogatory views towards others, often based on gender, race, ethnicity, or cultural differences. Chauvinism disregards the principles of equality and fairness, perpetuating an unjust power dynamic that hinders progress towards a more inclusive and egalitarian society. It is important to challenge and confront chauvinistic attitudes in order to foster respect, empathy, and equality among all individuals.

History and Etymology of 'chauvinistic'

The adjective 'chauvinistic' is directly derived from the noun 'chauvinism,' which, as previously discussed, originated from the name of a French soldier named Nicolas Chauvin. He was known for his extreme loyalty and devotion to Napoleon Bonaparte during the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century. This devotion became synonymous with unwavering and excessive patriotism. Over time, the term 'chauvinistic' emerged to describe attitudes and behaviors characterized by excessive and biased loyalty, superiority, or prejudice towards a particular gender, nationality, or group. When applied to individuals or actions, 'chauvinistic' highlights an excessive and often harmful belief in the inherent superiority of one's own group, coupled with a biased or prejudiced attitude towards others. Its etymology underscores the historical association with extreme loyalty and devotion that characterized Nicolas Chauvin while serving as a cautionary term for attitudes of prejudice and bias.

Examples of 'chauvinistic' in a Sentence

1. She decided not to pursue a career in that male-dominated field due to its chauvinistic culture.
2. The company faced backlash for its chauvinistic advertisement that objectified women.
3. The sports team was criticized for its chauvinistic behavior towards opponents, displaying a lack of respect.
4. She refused to tolerate chauvinistic jokes or comments in her presence, asserting her right to be treated with dignity.
5. The organization implemented workshops to address chauvinistic attitudes and promote inclusivity in the workplace.
6. His chauvinistic attitude was offensive to many.
7. She found his comments to be quite chauvinistic.
8. Chauvinistic behavior has no place in the workplace.
9. The film portrayed a chauvinistic view of women.
10. Some still hold onto outdated, chauvinistic beliefs.
11. The politician's speech was criticized as chauvinistic.
12. His chauvinistic comments sparked a heated debate.
13. Chauvinistic stereotypes perpetuate gender bias.
14. The organization aims to combat chauvinistic practices.
15. Chauvinistic views can limit progress and equality.
16. A chauvinistic culture can harm diversity efforts.
17. The comedian's humor was often seen as chauvinistic.
18. Chauvinistic attitudes can hinder social progress.
19. She confronted him about his chauvinistic remarks.
20. Chauvinistic behavior can create a hostile environment.
21. Addressing chauvinistic biases is a priority.
22. Chauvinistic stereotypes harm marginalized groups.
23. Overcoming chauvinistic beliefs requires education.
24. The company took steps to eliminate chauvinistic practices.
25. Chauvinistic attitudes perpetuate inequality.





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