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How to pronounce circumference (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'circumference'

The distance around the outer boundary of a circular or curved object.
"The circumference of the Earth is approximately 40,075 kilometers."

Detailed meaning of 'circumference'

It represents the measurement of the complete perimeter or the total length of the curve that forms the outer edge of a shape. In a circle, the circumference is the distance around the entire circular boundary, which is mathematically calculated using the formula 2πr, where "r" represents the radius of the circle. The circumference is a fundamental concept in geometry and is used to calculate various properties of circles, such as area and diameter. Beyond circles, the term can also apply to the outer boundary or perimeter of other curved shapes, such as ellipses or ovals. The circumference serves as a fundamental measurement that helps define and quantify the size, extent, or distance around the outermost part of a curved object or shape, contributing to the understanding and analysis of geometric figures.

History and etymology of 'circumference'

The noun 'circumference' has a straightforward etymology that reflects its geometric concept. It originates from Latin, where 'circum' means 'around' or 'about,' and 'ferre' means 'to carry' or 'to bear.' In essence, 'circumference' combines these Latin elements to mean 'the distance around' or 'the boundary that carries around' a circular or curved object. This etymology precisely captures the mathematical and geometric nature of the term, emphasizing the idea of measuring the complete path that encircles a circular shape. Thus, the word 'circumference' has retained its fundamental meaning from its Latin roots and continues to be a crucial concept in geometry and measurement.

Example sentences containing 'circumference'

1. The children marveled at the giant pumpkin's impressive circumference.
2. The mathematician explained the relationship between the diameter and the circumference of a circle.
3. The swimmer recorded the circumference of the swimming pool to track their progress.
4. The surveyor measured the circumference of the land to determine its boundaries.
5. The rope's circumference was too large to fit through the small opening.
6. The circumference of the Earth is about 24,901 miles.
7. She measured the circumference of the tree with a tape.
8. Calculate the circumference of a circle using π and diameter.
9. The circumference of the racetrack is a quarter mile.
10. He estimated the circumference of the pizza to be 14 inches.
11. The circumference of the hula hoop is perfect for exercise.
12. They marked the circumference of the pond for landscaping.
13. To find the area, first measure the circumference.
14. A wheel's circumference affects its speed and distance.
15. The circumference of the tire is essential for safety.
16. The circumference of the globe fascinated the explorers.
17. Engineers calculated the circumference of the pipeline.
18. The circumference of the spiral staircase is impressive.
19. The circumference of the planet varies at the equator.
20. She marveled at the intricate circumference of the nautilus shell.
21. Estimate the circumference of the circular swimming pool.
22. The circumference of the carousel mesmerized the children.
23. The circumference of the moon is much smaller than Earth's.
24. The circumference of the bracelet fits perfectly on her wrist.
25. Measuring the circumference accurately is crucial in geometry.



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