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How to pronounce perimeter (audio)


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Dictionary definition of perimeter

The boundary or outer edge of a closed or geometric shape.
"The police set up a perimeter around the crime scene to restrict access."

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Detailed meaning of perimeter

It is commonly used to describe the total length or distance around an object or area. In geometry, the perimeter is calculated by adding up the lengths of all the sides or segments that form the shape's boundary. It is a fundamental measurement used to determine the size, extent, or enclosure of various objects, such as a plot of land, a building, or a sports field. The perimeter serves as a defining parameter, outlining the outer limits and providing a clear demarcation between what is inside and what lies beyond. It is an essential concept in mathematics, architecture, construction, and various fields where accurate measurements and delineation of space are necessary.

Example sentences containing perimeter

1. The students measured the perimeter of the rectangular playground using a tape measure.
2. The soldiers secured the perimeter of the camp.
3. The fence marks the perimeter of our property.
4. He measured the perimeter of the rectangular garden.
5. The police tape cordoned off the crime scene perimeter.
6. The hikers followed the trail along the canyon's perimeter.

History and etymology of perimeter

The noun 'perimeter' has its etymological origins in Greek. It is derived from the Greek word 'perimetron,' which is a compound of 'peri,' meaning 'around,' and 'metron,' meaning 'measure.' In essence, 'perimetron' signifies the measurement or calculation of the distance around an object, such as the boundary or outer edge of a closed or geometric shape. As the term made its way into Latin and later into English, 'perimeter' retained this fundamental concept of measuring the outer boundary of a shape or area. It has become a standard term in mathematics and geometry to describe the total length of the boundaries of a two-dimensional figure, whether it's a simple square or a complex irregular shape. The etymology of 'perimeter' underscores its historical association with the measurement of boundaries and shapes, emphasizing the role of mathematical precision and calculation in defining the outer limits of objects.

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Further usage examples of perimeter

1. The architect sketched the perimeter of the building.
2. The drone captured aerial views of the city's perimeter.
3. The race track's perimeter is precisely one mile.
4. They walked the perimeter of the ancient castle.
5. The geologist studied the perimeter of the volcanic crater.
6. The security guards patrol the mall's perimeter.
7. She used chalk to outline the perimeter of the hopscotch.
8. A moat surrounded the castle's perimeter.
9. The surveyor marked the property's perimeter with stakes.
10. The playground's perimeter is lined with colorful flowers.
11. They built a fence around the school's perimeter.
12. The detective searched the perimeter for clues.
13. The GPS guided them along the park's perimeter trail.
14. The swimmer completed a lap around the pool's perimeter.
15. The hurricane warning extended to the coastal perimeter.
16. The security guards patrolled the perimeter of the building to ensure its safety.
17. The hiker walked along the perimeter of the lake, enjoying the scenic views.
18. The architect carefully planned the perimeter of the house to maximize the available space.
19. The military established a secure perimeter around the base to protect it from intruders.
20. The children played within the perimeter of the playground, staying within the designated area.
21. The farmer fenced off the perimeter of the field to keep the livestock from wandering off.
22. The surveyor marked the perimeter of the land with stakes to determine its boundaries.
23. The drone flew along the perimeter of the construction site, capturing aerial footage.
24. The police officer drew a chalk line around the perimeter of the accident scene for investigation purposes.
25. The athlete ran around the perimeter of the track to warm up before the race.



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