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How to pronounce clever (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'clever'

Demonstrating intelligence, quick thinking, and resourcefulness in solving problems or handling complex situations.
"With a clever twist of words, he turned a potentially awkward situation into a lighthearted joke."

Detailed meaning of 'clever'

Clever individuals possess sharp minds and are adept at finding innovative or creative solutions. They possess a high level of mental agility, allowing them to grasp concepts swiftly and think critically. Cleverness often involves the ability to make connections, see patterns, and devise strategies that others may overlook. Cleverness can manifest in various domains, such as academic pursuits, problem-solving tasks, or even in the realm of humor. A clever person is not only knowledgeable but also possesses the skill to apply their knowledge effectively, often leaving others impressed by their wit and ingenuity. The attribute of cleverness encompasses both intellectual prowess and the ability to apply that intellect in practical and inventive ways.

History and etymology of 'clever'

The adjective 'clever' has a fascinating etymology that traces its origins to the Old English word 'cleofor,' which meant 'apt, skillful, or dexterous.' This Old English term can be further traced back to the Proto-Germanic word 'klibrijaz,' which conveyed the idea of being skillful or nimble. The evolution of the word 'clever' over time reflects the association between intelligence and dexterity, highlighting how being adept and resourceful became intertwined with the concept of mental acumen. It is intriguing to observe how the word has retained its essence of intellectual agility and quick thinking throughout its linguistic journey.

Example sentences containing 'clever'

1. Her clever marketing campaign captured the attention of the target audience and boosted sales.
2. The clever escape artist effortlessly freed herself from the tightly bound ropes.
3. He devised a clever strategy to outmaneuver his opponents and secure the victory.
4. The clever inventor developed a groundbreaking technology that revolutionized the industry.
5. With a clever disguise, he managed to infiltrate the heavily guarded facility undetected.
6. Her clever solution saved the company thousands of dollars.
7. The clever detective cracked the case in record time.
8. His clever maneuver outsmarted the competition.
9. She's a clever strategist in the world of politics.
10. The clever inventor revolutionized the tech industry.
11. Their clever negotiation skills sealed the deal.
12. The clever chef crafted a unique fusion dish.
13. He's a clever programmer with a knack for innovation.
14. She made a clever decision that changed her life.
15. The clever journalist uncovered a major scandal.
16. His clever wit always kept the audience entertained.
17. The clever architect designed an eco-friendly building.
18. She's a clever problem-solver in challenging situations.
19. Their clever marketing campaign went viral.
20. The clever teacher inspired her students to excel.
21. He demonstrated clever adaptability in the wilderness.
22. She showed clever leadership during the crisis.
23. The clever comedian had the crowd in stitches.
24. His clever artwork conveyed deep meaning.
25. She's a clever manager who motivates her team.



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