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Definition of 'shrewd'

Astute, clever, and exceptionally sharp-witted in one's judgment and decision-making.
"He was a shrewd negotiator, able to get the best deal for his company."

Detailed Meaning of 'shrewd'

When applied to an individual, it signifies a keen and perceptive ability to assess situations, people, or opportunities with great accuracy. A shrewd person often excels in making prudent choices, foreseeing potential outcomes, and navigating complex situations with finesse. This term conveys a sense of wisdom and resourcefulness, suggesting that the person possesses an acute understanding of human nature and a knack for making advantageous decisions. "Shrewd" individuals are often admired for their ability to achieve their goals and capitalize on opportunities through their sharp insight and strategic thinking, whether in business, negotiations, or everyday life.


Examples of 'shrewd' in a Sentence

1. He was shrewd a businessman and knew exactly how to close the deal.
2. He was a shrewd businessman, always looking for new opportunities.
3. She was known for her shrewd political tactics and her ability to get things done.
4. She was a shrewd investor, able to spot profitable trends before others did.
5. He was a shrewd observer, noticing details others missed.
6. She was a shrewd analyst, able to see the underlying patterns in data.

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Origins & Etymology of 'shrewd'

The adjective 'shrewd' has its etymological origins in Middle English, where it evolved from the word 'shrewe.' In Middle English, 'shrewe' initially had negative connotations, referring to a wicked or evil person. However, over time, its meaning shifted to describe someone who was astute, clever, and exceptionally sharp-witted in their judgment and decision-making. This transformation in meaning may have been influenced by the Old English word 'scrēawa,' which meant 'cunning' or 'sly.' As a result, 'shrewd' came to embody the qualities of keen insight and practical intelligence, signifying an individual who is adept at making wise and strategic choices. Thus, the etymology of 'shrewd' reflects its historical evolution from a term with negative connotations to one that denotes astuteness and cleverness in judgment and decision-making.

How to pronounce shrewd (audio)


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