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Definition of 'crafty'

Clever, resourceful, and skilled at using their intelligence and cunning to achieve their goals or solve problems.
"The crafty fox stealthily approached the henhouse, planning its next move."

Detailed Meaning of 'crafty'

A crafty individual is adept at thinking quickly and creatively, often employing strategies or methods that may be considered shrewd or sly. This adjective suggests a high level of ingenuity and inventiveness, as well as a propensity for strategic thinking and calculated actions. Crafty individuals are often associated with being clever in a deceptive or manipulative way, using their intelligence and wits to gain an advantage or outsmart others. However, craftiness can also be seen in a positive light, highlighting someone's ability to navigate complex situations, find innovative solutions, or excel in creative endeavors.


Examples of 'crafty' in a Sentence

1. She devised a crafty plan to outwit her opponents in the chess tournament.
2. The crafty magician astounded the audience with his clever tricks.
3. He had a crafty way of convincing people to do what he wanted.
4. The crafty thief managed to steal the valuable diamond without raising any alarms.
5. With a crafty smile, she slyly revealed her hidden talent.
6. The crafty negotiator always found a way to secure the best deal.

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Origins & Etymology of 'crafty'

The adjective 'crafty,' which describes someone as clever, resourceful, and skilled in using their intelligence and cunning to achieve their goals or solve problems, has its origins in the word 'craft.' 'Craft' comes from the Old English word 'craeft,' which initially referred to strength or skill. As the meaning of 'craeft' expanded to encompass specialized skills and occupations, 'crafty' emerged to characterize individuals who applied their skills not only in a straightforward manner but also with a shrewd and cunning approach. It highlights the ability to employ one's expertise in a subtle and often strategic way, emphasizing the combination of skill and cleverness in accomplishing tasks or achieving desired outcomes.


How to pronounce crafty (audio)


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