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How to pronounce ingenious (audio)

Dictionary definition of ingenious

Displaying exceptional creativity, originality, and cleverness in solving problems or producing innovative ideas or inventions.
"The ingenious engineer devised a new method to harness solar energy more efficiently."

Detailed meaning of ingenious

When something is described as ingenious, it implies a high level of intelligence and resourcefulness in developing unique solutions or designs. It suggests the ability to think outside the box, to come up with imaginative and efficient approaches, and to create something that is both practical and inventive. An ingenious person or concept often surprises and impresses others due to the ingenuity and ingenuity demonstrated. Whether it's an ingenious invention, an ingenious plan, or an ingenious mind, the term signifies the presence of remarkable skill, cleverness, and inventiveness.

Example sentences containing ingenious

1. The engineer's ingenious solution saved the company millions of dollars in production costs.
2. The puzzle game challenges players to come up with ingenious solutions to advance to the next level.
3. The artist used ingenious techniques to create stunning sculptures from recycled materials.
4. The chef's ingenious recipe combined unexpected ingredients, resulting in a delightful flavor combination.
5. The ingenious inventor developed a device that could translate dog barks into human language.
6. The magician's performance left the audience in awe of his ingenious tricks and illusions.

History and etymology of ingenious

The adjective 'ingenious' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'ingeniosus,' which is formed from 'ingenium' (meaning 'innate quality' or 'innate ability') and the suffix '-osus' (denoting 'full of' or 'abounding in'). Therefore, the etymology of 'ingenious' essentially means 'full of innate ability' or 'possessing exceptional talent or creativity.' Originally, it described individuals who exhibited exceptional cleverness, originality, and inventive skill in solving problems or generating innovative ideas. Over time, the term has retained this core meaning, signifying individuals or ideas that demonstrate exceptional creativity and cleverness in various fields, as we commonly understand it today.

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Further usage examples of ingenious

1. The architect's ingenious design maximized natural light and space within the building.
2. The writer crafted an ingenious plot twist that completely surprised the readers.
3. The scientist's ingenious experiment revealed a groundbreaking discovery in the field of medicine.
4. The entrepreneur launched an ingenious app that revolutionized the way people organize their schedules.
5. The teacher praised the student for their ingenious approach to solving the complex math problem.
6. The ingenious inventor revolutionized the tech industry.
7. Her ingenious solution simplified a complex process.
8. An ingenious strategy led to a successful product launch.
9. The artist's ingenious use of color captivated viewers.
10. The engineer's ingenious design saved time and resources.
11. Their ingenious marketing campaign went viral.
12. In an ingenious move, they combined two ideas into one.
13. The chef's ingenious recipes delighted diners.
14. An ingenious puzzle challenged even the brightest minds.
15. The architect's ingenious building design earned awards.
16. His ingenious storytelling kept readers on the edge of their seats.
17. In an ingenious twist, the plot took an unexpected turn.
18. The ingenious app simplified daily tasks for users.
19. Their ingenious teamwork produced remarkable results.
20. The scientist's ingenious experiment led to a breakthrough.
21. An ingenious piece of art left a lasting impression.
22. The inventor's ingenious gadget improved everyday life.
23. The teacher's ingenious teaching methods engaged students.
24. The author's ingenious prose left readers in awe.
25. An ingenious solution can change the world for the better.



inventive, unimaginative, uncreative, dull


ACT 7 (American College Testing), Inventive and Inspired, Art and Creativity

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