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How to pronounce collar (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'collar'

To seize, capture, or grab someone or something by the neck or collar.
"The police officer managed to collar the suspect before they could escape."

Detailed meaning of 'collar'

It typically involves using one's hands or an object to encircle or grip the neck area firmly. The action of collaring can have different intentions or purposes depending on the context. For example, in law enforcement or security scenarios, to collar someone means to apprehend or detain them, often as part of an arrest. This involves physically grabbing hold of the person's collar or neck area to gain control or restrict their movement. Similarly, in a casual or playful context, to collar can mean to catch or snag something quickly, as if capturing it. It can also be used metaphorically to indicate gaining control over a situation or getting a firm grasp on an idea or concept. The verb "collar" implies an action of physical or metaphorical restraint or control exerted through the grip or capture of someone or something by the neck or collar.

History and etymology of 'collar'

The verb 'collar' has its etymological roots in medieval Latin and Old French. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'collum,' which means 'neck.' In Old French, 'coler' meant 'to fasten with a collar,' particularly referring to animals. Over time, the term 'collar' evolved in English to include the action of seizing, capturing, or grabbing someone or something by the neck or collar. This extended meaning of the word reflects the idea of taking hold of someone or something with a firm grip around the neck, much like how a collar fastens around an animal's neck. The etymology of 'collar' thus underscores the physical action associated with this verb, emphasizing the act of seizing or capturing by the neck as its central concept.

Example sentences containing 'collar'

1. The farmer had to collar the chicken that kept escaping from the coop.
2. The manager wants to collar the employee who’s been stealing office supplies.
3. The zookeeper had to collar the monkey that escaped from its enclosure.
4. The bouncer was quick to collar the unruly patron causing trouble.
5. The policeman will collar the suspect with an arm-lock technique.
6. The firefighter managed to collar the cat before it could climb higher in the tree.
7. The principal had to collar the student who brought a skateboard to school.
8. The actress tried to slip out unnoticed, but a fan managed to collar her for an autograph.
9. During the play, the actor had to collar his co-star as part of the scene.
10. She managed to collar her dog before it chased after the mailman.
11. The detective vowed to collar the culprit before the day was done.
12. The farmer had to collar the piglet that slipped through the fence.
13. The librarian had to collar the noisy student who refused to quiet down.
14. During training, the martial artist practiced how to effectively collar an opponent.



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