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How to pronounce competitor (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'competitor'

An individual, entity, or organization that is engaged in a competition or rivalry with others within a particular market, industry, sport, or activity.
"The tech company invested heavily in research and development to stay ahead of its competitors."

Detailed Meaning of 'competitor'

Competitors are characterized by their pursuit of similar goals or objectives, often striving for success, recognition, or dominance. They are engaged in direct or indirect competition, vying for limited resources, customers, market share, or other favorable outcomes. Competitors engage in strategic actions, such as developing unique products, offering better services, or employing effective marketing techniques, to gain an advantage over others in the same field. They closely monitor and analyze the actions and performance of their rivals, aiming to outperform, surpass, or differentiate themselves from the competition. The term "competitor" signifies the existence of rivalry and the dynamic nature of seeking success or excellence within a competitive environment.

History and Etymology of 'competitor'

The noun 'competitor' has its roots in Latin, originating from the word 'competitor,' which is derived from 'competere.' 'Competere' consists of 'com,' meaning 'together,' and 'petere,' meaning 'to strive' or 'to seek.' This etymology underscores the essence of competition as individuals or entities striving together for a common goal, whether it be in a market, industry, sport, or any other activity. Over time, 'competitor' made its way into Middle English and later into modern English, maintaining its core meaning of describing an individual, entity, or organization engaged in a rivalry or competition with others, all seeking to achieve success or dominance in a particular field or endeavor.

Examples of 'competitor' in a Sentence

1. The marathon runner pushed themselves to surpass their competitors and reach the finish line first.
2. The company's pricing strategy aimed to undercut its competitors and attract more customers.
3. The swimmer broke the world record, leaving their competitors far behind.
4. The supermarket implemented a loyalty program to retain customers and compete with its competitors.
5. The fashion designer's collection received rave reviews, gaining recognition among their industry competitors.
6. The rival competitor challenged the reigning champion.
7. Competitors strive to outperform one another.
8. The market is saturated with fierce competitors.
9. The athlete admired his toughest competitor.
10. In business, knowing your competitors is essential.
11. The competition brought out the best in each competitor.
12. Competitors often seek ways to gain an advantage.
13. The young prodigy emerged as a formidable competitor.
14. Rival competitors clashed in the final round.
15. Competitors in the tech industry innovate rapidly.
16. The competitors in the race trained diligently.
17. Competitors in the beauty industry face stiff competition.
18. The restaurant's unique menu sets it apart from competitors.
19. In the world of fashion, competitors vie for the spotlight.
20. The competitors displayed impressive sportsmanship.
21. Competitors must adapt to changing market trends.
22. The team's strategy caught their competitors off guard.
23. Competitors often benchmark their performance.
24. The conference attracted industry leaders and competitors.
25. Each competitor brought a unique perspective to the challenge.





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