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Definition of 'complicated'

Intricate, convoluted, or difficult to understand, explain, or resolve.
"The intricate dance routine involved complicated footwork and precise timing."

Detailed Meaning of 'complicated'

It implies a state of complexity, involving numerous interrelated parts, factors, or aspects that make it challenging to grasp or deal with. When something is complicated, it often requires careful analysis, deep thought, or specialized knowledge to navigate or unravel its intricacies. It may involve multiple layers, dependencies, or intricately connected elements that contribute to its complexity. Complicated situations, problems, or concepts often present obstacles or require comprehensive examination to find effective solutions or comprehension. The term "complicated" suggests a higher level of difficulty or intricacy than something that is simple or straightforward, demanding extra attention, effort, or expertise to comprehend, handle, or untangle successfully.


Examples of 'complicated' in a Sentence

1. The instructions for assembling the furniture were incredibly complicated.
2. Solving this math problem proved to be more complicated than anticipated.
3. Her relationship with her ex-partner was complicated due to unresolved issues.
4. The legal case involved a complicated web of evidence and testimonies.
5. Learning to play the piano can be challenging due to its complicated notation system.
6. The scientific research paper presented a complicated theory that required in-depth knowledge to understand.

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Origins & Etymology of 'complicated'

The adjective 'complicated' traces its etymological origins to the Latin word 'complicatus,' formed from 'com-' meaning 'together' and 'plicare' meaning 'to fold' or 'to twist.' This etymology vividly conveys the notion that something 'complicated' is intricately folded or twisted together, thereby becoming intricate and difficult to untangle or understand. It aptly captures the essence of complexity, indicating that a situation or object described as 'complicated' consists of various intertwined elements or aspects, making it challenging to unravel or resolve due to its convoluted nature.


How to pronounce complicated (audio)


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