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rational, irrational, unstable, confused



How to pronounce compos-mentis (audio)

Dictionary definition of compos-mentis

Mentally sound and capable of making rational decisions.
"He was declared compos mentis and fit to stand trial."

Detailed meaning of compos-mentis

Latin for "of sound mind." It is a legal term that is used in courts to determine whether a person is capable of standing trial, making a will, or entering into a contract. It is also used in the medical field to describe a person's mental state and ability to understand and make decisions about their own care. The phrase is often used to describe a person who is not suffering from any mental illnesses, cognitive impairments or any other conditions that would affect their ability to understand and make decisions.
In literature and media, it can be used to describe a character who is mentally sound and able to make rational decisions and understand the consequences of their actions, and this may have an impact on the story or the plot.
The phrase is used to indicate that a person has the ability to make rational decisions, and that they are capable of understanding the consequences of their actions.

Example sentences of compos-mentis

1. Despite his advanced age, he remained compos mentis and sharp-minded.
2. The lawyer needed the witness to be compos mentis during the trial.
3. It's crucial to be compos mentis while making important decisions.
4. Her compos mentis state allowed her to manage her finances effectively.
5. The patient's compos mentis condition was a positive sign after surgery.
6. A compos mentis mind is essential for signing legal documents.

History and etymology of compos-mentis

The term 'compos mentis' is a Latin phrase that combines 'compos,' meaning 'in control' or 'having mastery,' and 'mentis,' meaning 'of the mind.' In Latin, 'compos mentis' signified a state of being in control of one's mind and faculties, indicating mental soundness and the ability to make rational decisions. This phrase has been adopted into English legal and medical contexts to describe individuals who are mentally sound and capable of making reasoned judgments and decisions. The etymology of 'compos mentis' emphasizes the concept of mental competency and the capacity to exercise sound judgment, highlighting the importance of mental clarity and rationality in various situations, particularly those involving legal or medical assessments of a person's mental state.

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Further usage examples of compos-mentis

1. The doctor ensured the patient was compos mentis before surgery.
2. The elderly woman was remarkably compos mentis for her age.
3. The teacher remained compos mentis even during a chaotic class.
4. The athlete stayed compos mentis under extreme pressure.
5. Maintaining a compos mentis mindset is crucial in emergencies.
6. The musician's compos mentis approach to practice led to mastery.
7. He remained compos mentis despite the stressful situation.
8. Being compos mentis allowed her to make rational decisions.
9. The compos mentis attitude of the team led to a successful project.
10. The politician's compos mentis responses impressed the audience.
11. The leader stayed compos mentis during the crisis, reassuring the team.
12. Remaining compos mentis is essential in high-stress professions.
13. Her compos mentis demeanor influenced her colleagues positively.
14. The surgeon needed to be compos mentis during the complex procedure.
15. The compos mentis scientist made groundbreaking discoveries.
16. The pilot remained compos mentis during the emergency landing.
17. The compos mentis mindset of the crew ensured a safe voyage.
18. Staying compos mentis during a disaster is critical for survival.
19. The compos mentis conduct of the crew saved lives during the crisis.



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