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link, separate, disconnect, disjoin


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How to pronounce concatenate (audio)


Dictionary definition of concatenate

To link or combine things together in a series or sequence, usually in a logical or meaningful way.
"The program was designed to concatenate multiple files into one large document."

Detailed meaning of concatenate

This can include combining text or data in a computer program or connecting multiple ideas or arguments in a written work. When we concatenate, we are essentially joining things together to form a single entity or larger concept. The term is often used in the context of computer programming, where programmers may concatenate strings of text or code to create more complex and functional programs. In addition, the verb concatenate can be used in more general contexts, such as when combining different components of a project or organizing information into a cohesive structure. Overall, the term concatenate connotes a sense of linking or merging elements together to create a unified whole.

Example sentences containing concatenate

1. I need to concatenate these data files to make one comprehensive report.
2. They will concatenate the two musical compositions to create a unique symphony.
3. To form a large database, we often concatenate smaller, specialized databases.
4. You may concatenate the individual images into a single file for convenience.
5. To streamline the process, concatenate the code blocks into a single program.
6. My task today is to concatenate these separate pieces into a coherent narrative.

History and etymology of concatenate

The verb 'concatenate' has its etymology rooted in the Latin word 'concatenare,' which is a compound of 'con-' and 'catenare.' 'Con-' in Latin signifies 'together,' and 'catenare' means 'to chain' or 'to link.' Therefore, 'concatenare' essentially means 'to link together' or 'to chain together.' This etymology precisely reflects the meaning of 'concatenate' as a verb used to join or combine things together in a series or sequence, often in a logical or meaningful manner. It conveys the idea of elements being connected in a continuous and ordered fashion, mirroring the notion of linking or chaining that is inherent in its Latin origins.

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Further usage examples of concatenate

1. Using SQL, you can concatenate multiple strings to form a complete sentence.
2. To simplify the equation, concatenate the like terms on both sides.
3. We should concatenate the user inputs to store them as a single string.
4. Artists often concatenate different media forms to create mixed media artwork.
5. To visualize the data more effectively, concatenate the graphs into one combined figure.
6. Let's concatenate the lists to create a comprehensive compilation of books.
7. It might be easier to concatenate these two reports into one document.
8. For better visibility, concatenate all color codes into a single string.
9. We can concatenate these vectors to create a high-dimensional vector.
10. To craft this novel, the author had to concatenate various life experiences into a continuous storyline.
11. To make your presentation more effective, concatenate related slides for a seamless transition.
12. Can you concatenate these datasets for our upcoming project meeting?
13. In Python, you can concatenate strings using the plus operator.
14. You could concatenate these separate video clips into one full-length feature.

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