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link, disconnect, separate, detach


High School 1, Middle School 16, Connections and Interactions



How to pronounce connect (audio)


Dictionary definition of connect

To join, link, or establish a relationship between two or more entities, concepts, or individuals.
"Social media platforms allow people from all over the world to connect with each other."

Detailed meaning of connect

It involves creating a connection or bond that allows for communication, interaction, or the sharing of information or resources. When we connect with something or someone, we establish a link or bridge that enables the exchange of ideas, emotions, or experiences. This connection can be physical, such as plugging in a cable or joining two objects together, or it can be abstract, involving the establishment of a mental or emotional association. Connecting also implies the ability to recognize similarities, find common ground, or establish a sense of shared understanding or purpose. It is through connection that we create networks, build relationships, foster collaboration, and engage in meaningful interactions with others. Whether through technology, personal interactions, or shared experiences, connecting plays a fundamental role in establishing bonds and facilitating communication and understanding between individuals and the world around them.

Example sentences containing connect

1. Please connect the two wires securely.
2. Can you connect me with the customer service department?
3. We need to connect the printer to the computer.
4. She used a soldering iron to connect the circuit board.
5. Connect the dots to reveal the hidden picture.
6. I will connect you with the IT specialist to troubleshoot the issue.

History and etymology of connect

The verb 'connect' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'connectere,' which is a combination of 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'nectere' meaning 'to tie' or 'to bind.' This etymology beautifully conveys the essence of 'connect' as the act of bringing things 'together' by tying or binding them in a way that establishes a relationship or linkage between them. It implies the creation of a connection or association between two or more entities, concepts, or individuals, fostering communication or interaction. The term 'connect' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of uniting or binding, emphasizing the role it plays in establishing relationships and bridging gaps between various elements or ideas.

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Further usage examples of connect

1. Let's connect the pieces of the puzzle to see the whole picture.
2. He used a Bluetooth device to connect his phone to the speakers.
3. We need to connect the new power supply to the motherboard.
4. The subway system connects various neighborhoods in the city.
5. The internet router will help you connect to the network.
6. They decided to connect their businesses and collaborate on a project.
7. I'll connect the water hose to the sprinkler system.
8. The app allows users to connect with each other and share messages.
9. Please connect the power cord to the wall outlet.
10. The cable company will connect your home to the fiber optic network.
11. We need to connect the audio cables to the amplifier.
12. The bridge will connect the two islands.
13. I'll connect you with the customer support team.
14. The dots on the map connect major cities.
15. Can you connect the dots to see the pattern?
16. Let's connect our ideas to create a cohesive plan.
17. His charismatic speech can connect with any audience.
18. We need to connect the pieces of this puzzle.
19. Music has the power to connect people across cultures.
20. The internet allows us to connect instantly.
21. His research aims to connect science and spirituality.

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