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Definition of 'conformist'

A person who willingly adheres to established customs, norms, or societal expectations.
"The corporate culture favored conformists who followed the established hierarchy."

Detailed Meaning of 'conformist'

A conformist tends to conform to the prevailing standards and practices of their social or cultural environment, often without questioning or challenging them. They prioritize fitting in and seeking approval from others rather than expressing individuality or diverging from the norm. Conformists typically follow established rules, traditions, and conventions, aiming to maintain harmony within the social fabric. They may conform in terms of behavior, appearance, beliefs, or opinions to avoid standing out or facing criticism. While conformists may contribute to social cohesion and stability, their inclination towards conformity can sometimes stifle creativity, hinder progress, or perpetuate unjust systems. It is important to note that the term "conformist" can be neutral, as not all instances of conformity are negative or restrictive. Context plays a crucial role in determining whether conformity is beneficial or limiting to personal growth and societal advancement.


Examples of 'conformist' in a Sentence

1. The conformist was uncomfortable with the idea of challenging societal norms.
2. The school encouraged students to be independent thinkers rather than conformists.
3. Despite her rebellious nature, she occasionally felt the pressure to be a conformist.
4. The group of friends consisted of both rebels and conformists, creating an interesting dynamic.
5. The artist's unconventional style made her stand out among a sea of conformists.
6. The organization rewarded conformists who consistently upheld the status quo.

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Origins & Etymology of 'conformist'

The noun 'conformist' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'conformis,' which is a combination of 'con-' meaning 'with' and 'formis' meaning 'form' or 'shape.' This etymology aptly conveys the essence of a 'conformist' as a person who willingly takes on the same form or shape as established customs, norms, or societal expectations. It implies a willingness to align one's behavior and beliefs with the prevailing standards or conventions of their society or community. The term 'conformist' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of willingly adopting the shape or pattern set by the majority or the established order, highlighting a person's compliance with accepted social norms and expectations.


How to pronounce conformist (audio)


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