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How to pronounce confounded (audio)

Dictionary definition of confounded

Perplexed, bewildered, or deeply puzzled.
"I felt confounded by the contradictory statements from the witnesses."

Detailed meaning of confounded

When someone or something is confounded, they are experiencing a sense of confusion, frustration, or astonishment due to a challenging situation, unexpected outcome, or complex problem. It conveys a feeling of being at a loss or unable to comprehend or make sense of something. Confounded is often used to express a heightened level of surprise or frustration, emphasizing the depth of the confusion or difficulty faced. It can be applied to various scenarios, such as being confounded by a riddle, confounded by a complex mathematical equation, or confounded by a perplexing turn of events. In essence, the term conveys a state of extreme confusion or astonishment that leaves one struggling to understand or find a solution.

Example sentences containing confounded

1. We were confounded by the unexpected plot twist in the movie.
2. The confounded puzzle had us scratching our heads for hours.
3. I was confounded by the sudden change in his behavior.
4. The confounded traffic jam made me late for my appointment.
5. The confounded computer glitch caused my work to be lost.
6. I was confounded by the complex instructions for assembling the furniture.

History and etymology of confounded

The adjective 'confounded' finds its etymological origins in the Old English word 'confundian,' which means 'to confuse' or 'to mix together.' This Old English term, in turn, has its roots in Latin, where 'con-' means 'together' and 'fundere' means 'to pour' or 'to mix.' This etymology vividly conveys the essence of 'confounded' as a state of being mixed together in confusion, perplexity, or bewilderment. It implies a mental state where various thoughts or feelings are jumbled or poured together, resulting in a sense of puzzlement. The term 'confounded' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of being deeply puzzled or confused, emphasizing the intricate interplay of thoughts and emotions that can lead to a state of mental perplexity.

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Further usage examples of confounded

1. His confounded arrogance always rubbed people the wrong way.
2. The confounded weather ruined our outdoor plans.
3. The confounded math problem had me stumped for hours.
4. Her confounded forgetfulness caused her to miss important deadlines.
5. The confounded noise from the construction site made it impossible to concentrate.
6. I was utterly confounded by the unexpected turn of events.
7. Her confounded excuses only made matters worse.
8. The confounded puzzle proved to be a real challenge.
9. He wore a perpetually confounded expression.
10. The confounded traffic made me late for the meeting.
11. I felt utterly confounded by the complicated instructions.
12. The confounded test left many students feeling lost.
13. The confounded weather disrupted our outdoor plans.
14. I was left confounded by his cryptic message.
15. Their confounded behavior raised eyebrows.
16. The confounded mystery kept us guessing.
17. The confounded situation required immediate attention.
18. His confounded remarks only added to the confusion.
19. I was confounded by the sudden power outage.
20. The confounded computer glitch frustrated everyone.
21. Her confounded reaction was unexpected.
22. We were all left confounded by the bizarre turn of events.
23. The confounded error message baffled the IT team.
24. The confounded decision left us in disbelief.



baffled, clear, enlightened, certain


SAT 18 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Confusion and Misunderstanding, Puzzlement and Perplexity

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