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How to pronounce attach (audio)

Dictionary definition of attach

To join or connect one thing to another.
"He decided to attach a heartfelt note to the gift."

Detailed meaning of attach

When something is attached, it is fastened, secured, or linked to another object or surface. This connection can be physical, such as when two objects are physically joined together, or it can be more abstract, involving the association or inclusion of one thing with another. Attaching can involve using various methods or mechanisms to secure or affix items together, such as using adhesive, nails, screws, or other fasteners. Additionally, attaching can also involve the act of including or associating something with another, such as attaching a document to an email or attaching meaning or significance to a particular concept or idea. The verb "attach" implies the establishment of a connection or association, either physical or conceptual, between different entities or elements.

Example sentences of attach

1. Please attach the file to your email before sending it.
2. He needs to attach the document to the job application.
3. The magnet will easily attach to the metal surface.
4. The Velcro straps allow you to attach the bag to your backpack.
5. She needs to attach the photos to the scrapbook pages.
6. The clip is used to attach papers together.

History and etymology of attach

The verb 'attach' has an interesting etymology that traces its origins to the Latin word 'attaccare,' which means 'to fasten or stick to.' This Latin term is a combination of 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'taccare,' meaning 'to fasten.' Over time, 'attaccare' evolved into the Old French word 'atachier,' retaining its sense of fastening or joining. Eventually, it made its way into Middle English as 'attachen,' and by the 14th century, it took on the modern English form 'attach.' The etymology of 'attach' reflects its fundamental meaning of connecting or joining one thing to another, often through the act of fastening.

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Further usage examples of attach

1. You can attach the safety pin to your shirt for easy access.
2. The adhesive will help you attach the poster to the wall.
3. The suction cup will attach the hook to the glass surface.
4. The harness is designed to attach securely to the safety line.
5. The clasp will allow you to attach the necklace to the chain.
6. The screws are used to attach the shelves to the wall.
7. The hook and loop fastener will attach the curtain to the rod.
8. The carabiner is used to attach the keys to the backpack.
9. You can attach the badge to your uniform using the pin.
10. The photographer will attach the lens to the camera body.
11. The brackets are used to attach the shelves to the bookcase.
12. The paperclip can easily attach the notes together.
13. The hangers will help you attach the clothes to the closet rod.
14. The clamp is used to attach the workpiece to the table.



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