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meticulous, careless, haphazard, slapdash


Appreciation and Honor, Resilience and Resolve, Effort and Exertion, Determination and Tenacity, Discipline and Resolve



How to pronounce painstaking (audio)


Dictionary definition of painstaking

Involving or requiring meticulous attention to detail, thoroughness, and a great deal of effort and care.
"The scientist's research required a painstaking analysis of large amounts of data."

Detailed meaning of painstaking

When a task or process is described as 'painstaking,' it implies that it is carried out with extreme precision and diligence, leaving no room for errors or oversights. This term conveys the idea of a methodical and labor-intensive approach to achieve a specific result, often demanding significant time and patience. 'Painstaking' work is marked by a commitment to getting every aspect right, making it suitable for endeavors that demand a high degree of accuracy and craftsmanship, such as scientific research, artistic creations, or complex craftsmanship. It underscores the dedication, thoroughness, and meticulousness required to achieve excellence in a particular endeavor.

Example sentences containing painstaking

1. The detective's investigation was a painstaking process that took several months to complete.
2. The restoration of the old painting was a painstaking task that required great care and attention to detail.
3. The archaeologist's discovery was the result of a painstaking dig that lasted for several years.
4. The writer's revisions were a painstaking process that took many months to complete.
5. The process of cleaning the delicate instrument was a painstaking task that required great care.
6. The process of translating the ancient text was a painstaking one, as the scholars had to decipher the meaning of each word.

History and etymology of painstaking

The adjective 'painstaking' has an etymology that reflects the laborious and meticulous nature of tasks that require great care and effort. It is formed from two words: 'pain' and 'staking.' 'Pain' in this context means effort or work, and 'staking' implies that one is placing a significant stake or investment into a task. Over time, the term 'painstaking' evolved to describe activities or efforts that involve or require meticulous attention to detail, thoroughness, and a great deal of care and effort. When someone is described as being 'painstaking' in their work, it emphasizes their commitment to ensuring precision and excellence, often going to great lengths to achieve it. The etymology of 'painstaking' underscores the notion that tasks requiring such dedication and effort can indeed be laborious and demanding.

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Further usage examples of painstaking

1. The process of creating the intricate sculpture was a painstaking one, requiring many hours of work.
2. The process of organizing the large collection of documents was a painstaking task that took several weeks to complete.
3. The process of assembling the complex machine was a painstaking one that required great attention to detail.
4. The process of preparing the multi-course meal was a painstaking one that required many hours of work.
5. The process of creating the detailed map was a painstaking one that required great accuracy and precision.
6. The artist's painstaking effort yielded a breathtaking masterpiece.
7. His research required painstaking attention to every detail.
8. She tackled the project with meticulous, painstaking care.
9. Restoring the historic building demanded painstaking craftsmanship.
10. His presentation was a result of painstaking preparation.
11. The chef's dishes showcased his meticulous, painstaking approach.
12. Writing a novel is a laborious, painstaking creative journey.
13. The detective's investigation was marked by painstaking diligence.
14. Gardening with such care is a painstaking labor of love.
15. The analysis revealed crucial insights due to painstaking scrutiny.
16. The tailor's measurements were taken with painstaking precision.
17. He approached the math problem with painstaking accuracy.
18. The historian's documentation was a model of painstaking detail.
19. The jeweler's work displayed meticulous, painstaking craftsmanship.
20. The scientist's experiment demanded painstaking methodology.
21. Her costume's intricate design required painstaking effort.
22. The builder's construction was marked by painstaking attention.
23. The archivist's cataloging was a painstaking organizational task.
24. Creating the model was a time-consuming, painstaking process.
25. The lawyer's case preparation demanded painstaking research.
26. Grading papers was a painstaking task for the diligent teacher.
27. The photographer's editing was a painstaking art form.
28. The surgeon's procedure required painstaking precision.
29. The translator's work involved a painstaking translation process.
30. Achieving success often entails painstaking dedication and effort.

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