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How to pronounce consultative (audio)

Dictionary definition of consultative

Seeking input, advice, or opinions from others in order to make informed decisions or reach consensus.
"The company's consultative culture encouraged employees to contribute ideas and suggestions."

Detailed meaning of consultative

When something is characterized as consultative, it signifies a willingness to engage in dialogue, collaboration, and active listening. A consultative approach values diverse perspectives, expertise, and experiences, recognizing the importance of incorporating various viewpoints before arriving at a decision or taking action. It emphasizes the role of communication, cooperation, and shared decision-making. In consultative environments or practices, individuals or organizations actively seek input and feedback, fostering a sense of inclusivity, transparency, and trust. The consultative adjective is often associated with leadership, management, governance, or decision-making processes that prioritize engagement, collaboration, and participatory approaches.

Example sentences containing consultative

1. The organization adopted a consultative approach to decision-making, involving stakeholders in the process.
2. The manager held a consultative meeting to gather input from the team before finalizing the project plan.
3. The consultant provided consultative services to help the client identify areas for improvement.
4. The committee engaged in a consultative process to develop new policies for the organization.
5. The leader demonstrated a consultative leadership style, valuing the opinions and expertise of team members.
6. The government sought consultative feedback from citizens to shape public policies.

History and etymology of consultative

The adjective 'consultative' is derived from the verb 'consult' and shares its etymological roots in the Latin word 'consultare,' which is an intensive form of 'consulere.' 'Consulere' combines 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'salire' meaning 'to leap' or 'to jump.' This etymology intriguingly conveys the essence of 'consultative' as an intensive and deliberate process of figuratively leaping together with others to seek input, advice, or opinions in order to make informed decisions or reach consensus. It implies a collaborative and thoughtful approach to decision-making, emphasizing the importance of seeking diverse perspectives and expertise. The term 'consultative' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of seeking counsel and guidance from others, highlighting the cooperative nature of the process.

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Further usage examples of consultative

1. The doctor took a consultative approach, involving the patient in decision-making about their treatment.
2. The board of directors engaged in a consultative discussion to reach a consensus on the strategic direction of the company.
3. The consultative salesperson listened carefully to the customer's needs before offering solutions.
4. The consultative approach resulted in a collaborative and well-informed decision.
5. The consultative nature of the workshop allowed participants to actively contribute and share their insights.
6. The consultative process involves gathering diverse viewpoints.
7. A consultative approach promotes collaboration and inclusivity.
8. The team adopted a consultative decision-making model.
9. Consultative leadership values input from all team members.
10. A consultative committee will review the proposed changes.
11. The organization embraces a consultative management style.
12. The consultative forum encourages open dialogue.
13. A consultative approach leads to more informed choices.
14. The consultative council represents various stakeholders.
15. In a consultative culture, feedback is actively sought.
16. A consultative committee will assess the project's feasibility.
17. The consultative process ensures transparency in decisions.
18. Consultative leaders foster a sense of ownership among employees.
19. They implemented a consultative governance structure.
20. The consultative approach yields well-rounded solutions.
21. A consultative committee will address employee concerns.
22. The consultative model facilitates consensus-building.
23. In a consultative environment, everyone's voice is heard.
24. Consultative decision-making fosters organizational resilience.
25. The consultative board seeks input from industry experts.



advisory, dictatorial, autocratic, unilateral


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