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How to pronounce communicative (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'communicative'

Inclined or skilled in the act of communication.
"The teacher encourages a communicative classroom environment where students actively participate."

Detailed meaning of 'communicative'

It describes individuals who are open, expressive, and effective in conveying their thoughts, feelings, or ideas to others. A communicative person possesses the ability and willingness to engage in meaningful and clear interactions, whether through verbal or non-verbal means. They actively listen, respond, and engage in dialogue, facilitating effective understanding and exchange of information. Being communicative also implies being approachable and receptive, creating an atmosphere that encourages open communication. Additionally, the term can be used to describe objects or systems that facilitate communication, such as communicative devices or platforms designed to enhance information sharing and connectivity. Overall, being communicative signifies an active and proficient engagement in the process of communication.

History and etymology of 'communicative'

The adjective 'communicative' has its origins in the Latin word 'communicare,' which is a combination of 'com-' meaning 'together' and 'munus' meaning 'a service or gift.' This etymology conveys the idea of sharing or giving something in common, emphasizing the act of conveying information or ideas to others. Over time, 'communicative' emerged in English to describe individuals who are inclined or skilled in the act of communication, highlighting their ability and willingness to share thoughts, information, or messages effectively with others, and emphasizing the sense of a shared exchange of ideas or messages.

Example sentences containing 'communicative'

1. The couple has a communicative relationship, openly discussing their feelings and concerns.
2. The communicative gestures of the toddler indicated his desire for a snack.
3. The workshop focused on developing communicative skills for effective public speaking.
4. The communicative software enables real-time collaboration among team members.
5. The communicative body language of the speaker engaged the audience throughout the presentation.
6. She's highly communicative and excels in public speaking.
7. A communicative approach fosters better understanding.
8. The leader's communicative style inspires the team.
9. Effective leaders are often highly communicative.
10. The teacher's communicative skills engage students.
11. Good therapists are empathetic and communicative.
12. His communicative nature makes him approachable.
13. The diplomat's communicative efforts eased tensions.
14. A communicative culture enhances workplace harmony.
15. Being communicative builds strong relationships.
16. The child's communicative abilities developed early.
17. Communicative feedback is vital for improvement.
18. The coach's communicative style motivates athletes.
19. In business, being communicative is essential.
20. A communicative partner is key to successful teamwork.
21. The counselor's communicative approach is effective.
22. Being communicative helps resolve conflicts.
23. A communicative environment encourages creativity.
24. She's naturally communicative and great at networking.
25. The committee's communicative efforts yielded results.



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