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pleasant, disagreeable, unpleasant, incompatible


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How to pronounce congenial (audio)


Dictionary definition of congenial

Pleasant or agreeably suited because of shared qualities or interests.
"The congenial atmosphere was an inspiring place to work."

Detailed meaning of congenial

It can also refer to a situation or environment that is pleasant and enjoyable. For example, you might say that a colleague is congenial because they are easy to work with and have a pleasant personality. Alternatively, you might describe a social gathering as congenial because the atmosphere is friendly and everyone is having a good time.

Example sentences containing congenial

1. She found her new coworker to be congenial and easy to work with.
2. The congenial atmosphere at the party put everyone at ease.
3. A congenial conversation over dinner made the evening enjoyable.
4. His congenial personality made him a popular guest at gatherings.
5. A congenial work environment fosters productivity and teamwork.
6. The hotel's congenial staff ensured a pleasant stay for guests.

History and etymology of congenial

The adjective 'congenial' has its origins in the Latin word 'congenialis,' which combines 'con,' meaning 'together,' and 'genialis,' meaning 'of birth' or 'related to one's nature.' In Latin, 'congenialis' referred to qualities or attributes that are shared by individuals who are of the same nature or disposition. In English, 'congenial' was adopted in the 17th century to describe things or people that are pleasant or agreeably suited to one another because of shared qualities or interests. The etymology of 'congenial' underscores its historical connection to the idea of shared inherent qualities and natural compatibility, emphasizing the harmonious and like-minded nature of individuals or things that are congenial to each other.

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Further usage examples of congenial

1. Congenial neighbors often become lifelong friends.
2. Her congenial smile brightened up the room.
3. A congenial relationship between siblings is a gift.
4. The congenial ambiance of the café made it a favorite spot.
5. Congenial colleagues support each other in the workplace.
6. The congenial host made everyone feel welcome at the event.
7. They formed a congenial friendship through shared interests.
8. The congenial nature of the city made it a popular destination.
9. A congenial attitude can resolve conflicts amicably.
10. The team's congenial dynamics led to a successful project.
11. A congenial disposition attracts positive people.
12. The restaurant's congenial staff ensured a delightful dining experience.
13. His congenial sense of humor brought laughter to the room.
14. Congenial cooperation among teammates leads to victory.
15. The congenial exchange of ideas enriched the discussion.
16. A congenial workplace culture promotes employee satisfaction.
17. Congeniality is a valuable trait in building relationships.
18. The teacher's congenial approach made learning enjoyable.
19. Congenial neighbors create a sense of community.

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