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How to pronounce courteous (audio)

Dictionary definition of courteous

Demonstrating good manners, politeness, and respectful behavior towards others.
"The receptionist greeted guests with a warm and courteous smile."

Detailed meaning of courteous

A courteous individual is considerate, attentive, and mindful of the feelings and needs of those around them. They show kindness and thoughtfulness in their interactions, making an effort to be polite and accommodating. Courteous people exhibit traits such as active listening, using appropriate language and tone, and showing patience and understanding. They prioritize the comfort and well-being of others, often going out of their way to be helpful or provide assistance. Whether in social, professional, or personal settings, a courteous person fosters a positive and harmonious environment by treating others with respect and consideration.

Example sentences containing courteous

1. He always holds the door open for others, displaying his courteous nature.
2. The customer service representative provided courteous assistance to every caller.
3. She wrote a thank-you note to express her appreciation for the courteous service she received.
4. The courteous driver allowed pedestrians to cross the street before proceeding.
5. He extended a courteous gesture by offering his seat to the elderly person on the bus.
6. The team leader addressed each team member with a courteous tone during the meeting.

History and etymology of courteous

The adjective 'courteous' has its etymological roots in the Old French word 'curteis,' which means 'polite' or 'well-bred.' 'Curteis' itself derives from the Old French term 'court,' signifying a royal or princely court, where refined manners and polite behavior were highly esteemed. This association with courtly behavior and refined manners in the royal courts of medieval Europe gave rise to the word 'courteous' as we know it today. Therefore, 'courteous' denotes demonstrating good manners, politeness, and respectful behavior towards others, echoing its historical connection to the etiquette and decorum valued in courtly settings. Its etymology reflects the notion of acting with graciousness and civility, traits that have transcended time and continue to be admired in modern society.

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Further usage examples of courteous

1. The waiter provided prompt and courteous service throughout the entire meal.
2. She responded to criticism in a courteous manner, addressing concerns with respect and understanding.
3. The flight attendant provided courteous assistance to passengers during the flight.
4. The teacher always interacted with students in a patient and courteous manner.
5. Despite facing challenges, she maintained a courteous and professional attitude.
6. Courteous drivers yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, showing respect for safety.
7. The waiter, always polite, ensured our dining experience was enjoyable.
8. Neighbors extended their courteous help during the snowstorm's aftermath.
9. Demonstrating courteous behavior is vital in customer service roles.
10. Courteous communication forms the foundation of strong relationships.
11. Leaders who are courteous earn trust and loyalty from their teams.
12. Small, courteous gestures can brighten someone's entire day.
13. Courteous guests arrive promptly and express their gratitude.
14. Students who are courteous listen attentively to their teachers.
15. Courteous travelers respect local customs and traditions abroad.
16. Offering courteous feedback fosters personal growth and improvement.
17. In the workplace, courteous colleagues foster a positive environment.
18. Sportsmanship involves courteous conduct on and off the field.
19. Courteous negotiation often leads to mutually beneficial agreements.
20. Volunteers make a significant impact through their courteous efforts.
21. Courteous behavior is a hallmark of a civilized and harmonious society.
22. Courteous responses can defuse tense situations gracefully.
23. Using turn signals is a courteous practice among responsible drivers.
24. Professionals who prioritize client satisfaction are known for their courteous service.
25. True friends offer courteous support in times of need and distress.



polite, rude, discourteous, impolite


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