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How to pronounce snap (audio)


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Dictionary definition of snap

Done or achieved quickly, easily, and with minimal effort.
"With a snap decision, she chose the red dress for the party."


Detailed meaning of snap

It implies efficiency and a swift execution. For example, a snap decision is one that is made promptly, without hesitation. Similarly, a snap victory denotes an easy and decisive win. Additionally, "snap" can describe something that is abrupt or sudden, happening in an instant. It implies a sharp or crisp quality. For instance, a snap movement could be a quick and precise motion, while a snap sound could be a sharp, cracking noise. Furthermore, "snap" can be used to describe an object that is fragile or prone to breaking easily, suggesting a brittleness or fragility. Overall, "snap" as an adjective can convey notions of speed, efficiency, suddenness, sharpness, or fragility, depending on the specific context in which it is used.

Example sentences containing snap

1. The team celebrated their snap victory with high fives and cheers.
2. He fixed the broken chair with a snap of his fingers.
3. The cookie had a satisfying snap when I bit into it.
4. The sudden snap of the twig startled the hiker in the quiet forest.
5. She skillfully caught the flying ball with a quick snap of her hand.
6. The old book had brittle pages that would snap if handled roughly.

History and etymology of snap

The adjective 'snap,' when used to describe something done or achieved quickly, easily, and with minimal effort, has its etymological origins in the early 19th century American English. It is believed to have evolved from the earlier expression 'in a snap,' which denoted the swiftness and ease with which something could be accomplished. The word 'snap' itself has roots in Old English and Middle English, where it referred to a sudden breaking or cracking sound, much like the quick and effortless completion of a task implied by its modern usage. Over time, 'snap' has come to signify not just a sound but also the ease and speed with which a task can be accomplished, giving rise to its current adjective form.

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Further usage examples of snap

1. The cold weather made the branches snap under the weight of the ice.
2. The snap of his belt echoed through the empty room.
3. The photographer captured a snap of the sunset at just the right moment.
4. The jacket had snap buttons for easy and quick fastening.
5. She broke her pencil with a frustrated snap during the test.
6. She has a snap decision-making style, which is efficient.
7. The puzzle was a snap for him; he solved it in seconds.
8. His snap comeback left everyone laughing.
9. With his snap reflexes, he caught the falling glass.
10. Cooking this recipe is a snap with a good cookbook.
11. She aced the test; it was a snap for her.
12. The installation process was a snap; it only took minutes.
13. His snap judgment turned out to be spot-on.
14. Fixing the leak was a snap with the right tools.
15. Their project was a snap to complete on time.
16. Learning the basics of coding can be a snap.
17. The new software makes editing photos a snap.
18. With practice, skateboarding tricks become a snap.
19. The snap of the lock signaled their arrival.
20. She mastered the dance routine in a snap.
21. The app's interface is user-friendly, making it a snap to navigate.
22. The directions were clear, and the assembly was a snap.
23. His snap decision led to an unforgettable adventure.
24. The recipe's simplicity made cooking dinner a snap.
25. Understanding the concept was a snap once he explained it.



quick, slow, prolonged, laborious


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