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How to pronounce credit (audio)

Dictionary definition of credit

The recognition or acknowledgment given to someone for their actions, achievements, or contributions.
"Eunice received credit for her outstanding performance in the school play."

Detailed meaning of credit

It embodies the acknowledgment of merit, talent, or skill, often denoting a positive evaluation or praise for one's work. In the context of financial transactions, credit represents the ability to borrow money or obtain goods and services with the understanding of paying for them at a later time. It involves a level of trust and confidence between a borrower and a lender, where the borrower is granted access to funds or resources based on their creditworthiness. Additionally, credit can also refer to a unit of measurement for academic achievements in educational institutions, reflecting the successful completion of coursework or requirements. Overall, credit is a multifaceted concept that encompasses recognition, trust, financial transactions, and educational accomplishments.

Example sentences containing credit

1. The bank approved his loan application based on his good credit history.
2. The professor praised Jane for her diligent research and gave her credit in the published paper.
3. John used his credit card to purchase a new laptop.
4. The company offered a discount to customers who had a store credit.
5. Mary's artwork was featured in a prestigious gallery, giving her artistic credit.
6. The team won the championship, and the coach gave credit to their hard work and dedication.

History and etymology of credit

The noun 'credit,' in the sense of recognition or acknowledgment given to someone for their actions, achievements, or contributions, has a rich etymological history. It traces its roots to the Latin word 'creditum,' which means 'a loan' or 'something entrusted.' This Latin term is derived from 'credere,' which means 'to believe' or 'to trust.' Over time, 'credit' evolved from being associated with trust in financial matters to encompassing the notion of trust and acknowledgment in a broader sense. When we give someone credit for their accomplishments, we are essentially recognizing and trusting in their abilities and contributions, a concept deeply rooted in the word's historical origins.

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Further usage examples of credit

1. Mark's excellent coding skills earned him credit among his peers.
2. The documentary filmmaker received credit for shedding light on an important social issue.
3. Samantha's scholarship covered her tuition, and she didn't have to pay any credit out of pocket.
4. The fashion designer's innovative collection received credit from critics and fashion enthusiasts.
5. The company's success was attributed to the CEO's leadership, and he was given credit for turning the business around.
6. Her exceptional talent deserves more credit from the industry.
7. The team shared the credit for their collaborative success.
8. He rarely seeks credit, preferring to work behind the scenes.
9. The author's name should be on the cover for proper credit.
10. Giving credit where it's due boosts morale in the workplace.
11. His innovations earned him well-deserved scientific credit.
12. She downplayed her role, deflecting credit to her team.
13. The film's director should receive credit for its brilliance.
14. He graciously accepted the credit for the team's victory.
15. She insisted on sharing the credit with her supportive family.
16. The company recognized his years of loyal service with credit.
17. The teacher praised each student's unique contribution to give credit.
18. Fair distribution of credit fosters a harmonious work environment.
19. He struggled with impostor syndrome despite his accomplishments and credit.
20. They received international credit for their humanitarian efforts.
21. The artist's work finally gained the credit it deserved.
22. The athlete thanked her coach for her success in her credit speech.
23. His dedication earned him the credit of being a reliable friend.
24. The committee acknowledged her significant credit to the project.
25. Without his guidance, the project's credit would be incomplete.



acknowledgment, blame, discredit, censure


ACT 8 (American College Testing), Middle School 6, Praise and Respect

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