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acknowledgement, disregard, neglect, denial


ACT 8 (American College Testing), Recognition and Approval, High School 12



How to pronounce recognition (audio)


Dictionary definition of recognition

The act or process of acknowledging, identifying, or giving credit to someone or something for their achievements, qualities, or contributions.
"The author's novel received widespread recognition and critical acclaim."

Detailed meaning of recognition

It involves perceiving and understanding the value or significance of a person, accomplishment, or entity. Recognition can manifest in various forms, such as praise, accolades, awards, or public acknowledgment. It signifies the awareness and appreciation of someone's efforts, talents, or merits. Recognition serves as validation and validation and can have a profound impact on an individual's self-esteem, motivation, and sense of belonging. It can also extend to acknowledging the value or existence of certain ideas, concepts, or factors in different fields, including science, art, and social movements. Recognition plays a vital role in fostering positive relationships, inspiring further growth, and promoting a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Example sentences containing recognition

1. The athlete received a standing ovation in recognition of her record-breaking performance.
2. The employee's hard work and dedication earned her a well-deserved recognition from her boss.
3. The charity's efforts in helping the homeless community were met with recognition from the local government.
4. The scientist's groundbreaking research garnered international recognition in the scientific community.
5. The artist's unique style and creativity gained her recognition in the art world.
6. The student's exceptional academic achievements earned him a scholarship and recognition from the school.

History and etymology of recognition

The noun 'recognition' can be traced back to its Latin roots. It has its origins in the Latin word 'recognitio,' which is derived from 'recognoscere.' 'Recognoscere' combines 're-' (meaning 'again' or 'back') with 'cognoscere' (meaning 'to know' or 'to learn'). This etymology signifies the act or process of acknowledging, identifying, or giving credit to someone or something for their achievements, qualities, or contributions as a form of knowing or acknowledging them once again, often after careful consideration or examination. In essence, 'recognition' captures the concept of re-establishing awareness or knowledge about someone or something's merits or attributes.

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Further usage examples of recognition

1. The musician's talent and skill led to her recognition as an emerging artist.
2. The activist's tireless advocacy work finally received the recognition it deserved.
3. The entrepreneur's innovative product design received industry recognition and several awards.
4. The humanitarian organization's work in disaster-stricken areas was met with recognition and support from the public.
5. The veteran actor's outstanding career was honored with a lifetime achievement recognition at the prestigious award ceremony.
6. Her hard work finally earned her the recognition she deserved.
7. The athlete's outstanding performance garnered national recognition.
8. A lack of recognition can be disheartening for artists.
9. He received a standing ovation in recognition of his talent.
10. The Nobel Prize is a prestigious form of recognition.
11. Teachers often seek recognition for their dedication.
12. Achieving recognition in the music industry is challenging.
13. His selfless acts went unnoticed until he received public recognition.
14. The employee of the month award is a token of recognition.
15. In science, peer recognition is a significant milestone.
16. Winning the competition brought her much-deserved recognition.
17. The author's book received critical acclaim and recognition.
18. Their contribution to the community earned them local recognition.
19. The politician's speech was met with applause and recognition.
20. The company's success is a testament to its industry recognition.
21. Scientific breakthroughs often lead to international recognition.
22. The artist's work gained recognition in galleries worldwide.
23. His leadership qualities earned him the recognition of his peers.
24. The nonprofit organization's recognition grew with each donation.
25. Public recognition can motivate individuals to excel.

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