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How to pronounce cynophobia (audio)


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Dictionary definition of cynophobia

An irrational and intense fear or aversion towards dogs.
"Paul's cynophobia developed after he was chased by a pack of stray dogs in his childhood neighborhood."


Detailed meaning of cynophobia

It is derived from the Greek words "kýon" meaning dog and "phóbos" meaning fear. Individuals who suffer from cynophobia experience overwhelming anxiety and distress when they come into contact with dogs, whether they are large or small, friendly or aggressive. This fear often stems from traumatic experiences involving dogs, such as being bitten or attacked, or it can develop without any apparent cause. Cynophobia can significantly impact a person's daily life, making it difficult for them to visit public places, interact with dog owners, or even watch images or videos of dogs. Treatment options for cynophobia include therapy, desensitization techniques, and medication to manage anxiety symptoms.

Example sentences containing cynophobia

1. Sarah's cynophobia made it challenging for her to visit her friend's house, as they owned a playful Labrador retriever.
2. The young boy's cynophobia was so severe that even a picture of a dog could trigger a panic attack.
3. Despite her cynophobia, Emily decided to seek professional help to overcome her fear and live a more fulfilling life.
4. Whenever John encountered a dog on the street, his cynophobia would cause him to cross to the other side in a hurry.
5. The cynophobia support group provided a safe space for individuals to share their experiences and seek guidance.
6. Jane's cynophobia prevented her from accepting a job offer at a dog-friendly office, despite the attractive benefits.

History and etymology of cynophobia

The noun 'cynophobia' is formed from two distinct components: 'cyno,' which is derived from the Greek word 'kynos,' meaning 'dog,' and 'phobia,' which comes from the Greek word 'phobos,' meaning 'fear' or 'aversion.' Therefore, 'cynophobia' specifically refers to an irrational and intense fear or aversion towards dogs. This word encapsulates the notion that some individuals may experience an overwhelming and often unfounded dread of dogs, which can be traced back to various personal experiences or psychological factors. The etymology of 'cynophobia' highlights the origin of this specific fear and the role of Greek roots in forming terms related to phobias and aversions.

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Further usage examples of cynophobia

1. The therapist used gradual exposure therapy to help Peter gradually confront his cynophobia and reduce his anxiety over time.
2. Lisa's cynophobia often led to misunderstandings with her neighbors who had a lovable pet dog.
3. The documentary about guide dogs triggered Jill's cynophobia, causing her to switch off the TV immediately.
4. Tim's cynophobia was so intense that he would become paralyzed with fear whenever he saw a dog approaching him.
5. Even the sound of barking dogs would trigger Samantha's cynophobia, making it difficult for her to relax in her own home.
6. His cynophobia made it challenging to visit friends with dogs.
7. Cynophobia can trigger panic attacks around unfamiliar dogs.
8. Overcoming cynophobia may require therapy and gradual exposure.
9. Cynophobia can limit one's enjoyment of outdoor activities.
10. The fear of dogs, cynophobia, is more common than you might think.
11. Children with cynophobia may need support to overcome their fear.
12. The sight of a barking dog can be distressing for those with cynophobia.
13. Cynophobia can stem from a traumatic encounter with a dog.
14. Some individuals with cynophobia experience anxiety in public places.
15. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can be effective in treating cynophobia.
16. The support of friends and family can help those with cynophobia cope.
17. Cynophobia can affect one's quality of life and social interactions.
18. The fear of dogs, cynophobia, is a valid and treatable condition.
19. Her cynophobia made it difficult to take walks in her neighborhood.
20. The therapist helped him confront his cynophobia in a controlled setting.
21. Cynophobia can be triggered by a variety of dog-related situations.
22. The fear of dogs, cynophobia, is a recognized phobia that affects many.
23. Cynophobia may result from a past negative experience with a dog.
24. Overcoming cynophobia can lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable life.



fear of dogs, love of dogs, affection for dogs, dog-loving


SAT 8 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Repugnance and Revulsion, Anxiety and Fear

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