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indecent, decent, modest, appropriate


SAT 1 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Behavior and Conduct, Love and Sex



How to pronounce lewd (audio)


Dictionary definition of lewd

Obscene, vulgar, or sexually explicit in a manner that is generally considered offensive or inappropriate.
"The magazine was criticized for featuring lewd photographs on its cover."

Detailed meaning of lewd

It refers to actions or expressions that lack decency, modesty, or propriety, and instead, display a crude or offensive nature with a focus on sexual themes or references. Lewd behavior or language disregards social norms and standards of decency, often aiming to provoke or shock others through explicit or indecent means. The term highlights a lack of restraint or decorum, and it is commonly associated with explicit sexual content or conduct that goes beyond what is considered acceptable in polite or public settings. Lewdness is generally frowned upon and can be subject to legal or social consequences depending on the context and jurisdiction.

Example sentences containing lewd

1. The comedian's lewd jokes caused discomfort among the audience.
2. The explicit content in the movie received criticism for being lewd.
3. His lewd comments towards his colleagues created a hostile work environment.
4. The lewd graffiti in the restroom had to be immediately removed.
5. The artist's exhibition was banned due to its lewd and provocative imagery.
6. The teacher reprimanded the student for making lewd gestures in class.

History and etymology of lewd

The adjective 'lewd' finds its etymological origins in the Old English word 'lǣwede,' which meant uneducated or lay. Over time, 'lǣwede' evolved to connote behaviors or speech that were considered unrefined or lacking in moral or social decorum. In Middle English, it came to signify actions or expressions that were obscene, vulgar, or sexually explicit in a manner generally considered offensive or inappropriate. The etymology of 'lewd' thus reflects the historical association between a lack of education or refinement and behavior or language that violates social norms or standards of decency, emphasizing the evolution of the word to describe actions that are perceived as indecent or offensive.

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Further usage examples of lewd

1. The lewd behavior at the party led to several guests leaving early.
2. The online forum had strict rules against lewd language and explicit content.
3. The celebrity faced backlash for sharing a lewd photo on social media.
4. The company implemented a policy to prevent lewd jokes or comments in the workplace.
5. The lewd lyrics of the song caused controversy and calls for censorship.
6. His lewd comments made everyone uncomfortable at the party.
7. The comedian's jokes crossed the line into lewd territory.
8. The movie's lewd scenes were edited for a more family-friendly version.
9. She was shocked by the lewd graffiti on the bathroom wall.
10. The teacher reprimanded the student for using lewd language.
11. The internet has a dark corner filled with lewd content.
12. The TV show faced backlash for its lewd portrayal of relationships.
13. The politician's lewd behavior tarnished his reputation.
14. The nightclub had a reputation for hosting lewd parties.
15. She felt uncomfortable when a stranger made lewd gestures.
16. The artist's work was criticized for its lewd imagery.
17. The book was banned from the library due to its lewd content.
18. The lewd comments in the chatroom led to bans.
19. The movie's lewd scenes were deemed inappropriate for children.
20. He was fired from his job for sending lewd emails.
21. The nightclub had strict rules against lewd behavior.
22. The comedian faced backlash for his lewd jokes about women.
23. The play was known for its lewd humor and risqué themes.
24. The magazine featured lewd photographs that raised eyebrows.
25. The singer's lewd lyrics stirred controversy among parents.

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