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How to pronounce promiscuous (audio)

Dictionary definition of promiscuous

Having or characterized by many transient sexual relationships.
"His promiscuous behavior led to feelings of dissatisfaction and guilt."

Detailed meaning of promiscuous

This word often carries a negative connotation, implying that the person is lacking in morals or judgement. However, it is important to remember that the concept of sexual promiscuity can be culturally and personally subjective, and shouldn't be used to judge someone's character or worth.

Example sentences containing promiscuous

1. His promiscuous lifestyle led to several health problems.
2. Promiscuity was not accepted in their conservative community.
3. The party was full of promiscuous people looking for a good time.
4. She was labeled as promiscuous because of her sexual liberation.
5. The promiscuous use of resources was leading to depletion.
6. He was criticized for his promiscuous approach to dating.

History and etymology of promiscuous

The adjective 'promiscuous' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'promiscuus,' which combines 'pro,' meaning 'forward' or 'for,' and 'miscere,' meaning 'to mix.' In its original Latin form, 'promiscuus' conveyed the idea of things being mixed together without distinction or order. Over time, this term evolved to describe behaviors characterized by a lack of discrimination or restraint, particularly in the context of sexual relationships. 'Promiscuous' thus came to denote a person who engages in many transient sexual relationships without a strong commitment to a single partner. The etymology of 'promiscuous' underscores its historical association with mixing and the idea of engaging in sexual relations without strict boundaries or distinctions, reflecting its modern connotation of engaging in casual or indiscriminate sexual encounters.

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Further usage examples of promiscuous

1. Promiscuous behavior can have serious consequences.
2. The animal was known for its promiscuous mating habits.
3. His promiscuous attitude towards relationships caused him heartache.
4. Promiscuity was frowned upon in their traditional culture.
5. She felt her promiscuous past was affecting her future prospects.
6. She was known for her promiscuous behavior and had many partners.
7. His reputation as a promiscuous bachelor raised eyebrows in conservative circles.
8. She faced criticism and judgment due to her promiscuous lifestyle choices.
9. Rumors about her promiscuous behavior in college circulated like wildfire.
10. He was infamous for his promiscuous relationships, often changing partners.
11. Society tends to stigmatize and unfairly label promiscuous individuals.
12. She embraced her promiscuous nature, asserting her right to choose freely.
13. Some mistake her friendly and outgoing demeanor for being promiscuous.
14. His promiscuous past became a topic of fascination among his peers.
15. Being promiscuous should not diminish a person's inherent worth.
16. She rejected society's harsh judgments and stereotypes about promiscuity.
17. People should refrain from shaming others for their promiscuous choices.
18. Her promiscuous phase represented a period of self-discovery and growth.
19. He gained valuable insights from his experiences in promiscuous relationships.
20. The media often sensationalizes and sensationalizes promiscuous behavior.
21. She advocated for the right to be promiscuous if that was one's genuine choice.
22. Their promiscuous encounters were characterized by mutual consent and respect.
23. Society's attitudes toward promiscuous relationships have evolved over time.
24. Misconceptions about promiscuous individuals often lead to unjust stereotypes.
25. He refrained from passing judgment on her, acknowledging her promiscuous past.
26. She lived her life unapologetically, proud of her identity as a promiscuous woman.



licentious, faithful, chaste, monogamous


SAT 8 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Discipline and Self-Control, Family and Relationships

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