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How to pronounce deficit (audio)


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Dictionary definition of deficit

A shortfall or a lack of something, typically something that is considered to be important or necessary.
"The deficit in education funding is impacting the quality of schools."

Detailed meaning of deficit

In finance, a deficit refers to the amount by which spending exceeds revenue, such as a government budget deficit. It can also refer to a trade deficit, which occurs when a country imports more goods and services than it exports.

In healthcare, deficit refers to a lack or a reduction of function in a specific area of the body or the brain, such as cognitive deficit.

In general, the term implies that there is a shortfall or a lack of something that is considered to be important or necessary, whether it's money, goods, services or function, and that it can have consequences whether financial, economic or health-related.

Example sentences containing deficit

1. The country is facing a significant budget deficit this year.
2. The trade deficit between the two nations has been widening.
3. The organization's financial statements revealed a substantial deficit.
4. The athlete's injury resulted in a scoring deficit for the team.
5. The deficit in healthcare resources contributed to a decline in patient care.
6. The government implemented austerity measures to reduce the budget deficit.

History and etymology of deficit

The noun 'deficit' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'deficere,' which is a combination of 'de' (meaning 'away from' or 'down from') and 'facere' (meaning 'to do' or 'to make'). The Latin word 'deficere' originally had the sense of 'failing' or 'falling short' in accomplishing a task or duty. Over time, it evolved to refer to a situation where something is lacking or falling short of what is needed or expected. This evolution in meaning eventually gave rise to the modern usage of 'deficit' to describe a shortfall or insufficiency of something, especially in the context of finances or resources.

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Further usage examples of deficit

1. The company experienced a sales deficit due to increased competition.
2. The deficit of skilled workers in the industry led to labor shortages.
3. The deficit of affordable housing has become a pressing social issue.
4. The deficit of rainfall impacted agricultural productivity.
5. The government is running a deficit due to increased spending.
6. The company is facing a deficit due to decreased revenue.
7. The country's trade deficit has grown in recent years.
8. The school district is running a budget deficit and needs to make cuts.
9. The budget deficit is causing concern among economists.
10. The country's deficit is a major concern for investors.
11. The deficit in social services is affecting the most vulnerable populations.
12. The company's deficit is a result of poor management decisions.
13. The country is running a large deficit, which is putting pressure on the economy.
14. The deficit in infrastructure is causing problems for the transportation sector.
15. The deficit in healthcare funding is causing strain on the system.



shortfall, surplus, excess, abundance


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