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How to pronounce deflate (audio)

Dictionary definition of deflate

To reduce or decrease the pressure, size, or intensity of something, typically by releasing air or removing an inflating substance.
"His thoughtless comment seemed to deflate her enthusiasm."

Detailed meaning of deflate

It often involves the reduction of volume or the shrinking of an object. The term is commonly used in the context of deflating inflated objects, such as tires, balloons, or air mattresses, by releasing the air trapped within them. Figuratively, "deflate" can also describe the act of diminishing or lowering someone's confidence, enthusiasm, or expectations. In this sense, it signifies the act of reducing the intensity or excitement surrounding a situation, idea, or individual. The action of deflating can be intentional, as in deliberately releasing air from a balloon, or metaphorical, as in dampening someone's spirits or decreasing the significance of a situation.

Example sentences containing deflate

1. Sarah had to deflate the balloons after the party was over.
2. The mechanic noticed that one of the car's tires began to deflate slowly.
3. Please deflate the air mattress before you put it back in the storage.
4. The pinprick was enough to deflate the beach ball.
5. The central bank took steps to deflate the housing bubble.
6. My excitement to meet the celebrity began to deflate when I heard about his rude behavior.

History and etymology of deflate

The verb 'deflate' has an etymology rooted in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'deflare,' where 'de' means 'down' or 'away from,' and 'flare' means 'to blow' or 'to puff.' Thus, the etymology of 'deflate' conveys the idea of reducing or decreasing something by taking air or puffiness away. It aptly describes the action of diminishing the pressure, size, or intensity of an object, often achieved by releasing air or removing an inflating substance. This word retains its connection to the act of air or puffiness removal, reflecting its origins in Latin and its application in various contexts, from deflating a balloon to deflating economic bubbles.

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Further usage examples of deflate

1. When you deflate your ego, you allow room for personal growth.
2. She managed to deflate the argument by calmly presenting the facts.
3. It's important to deflate the raft before attempting to fold it.
4. The negative reviews served to deflate the hype around the new movie.
5. As the air escaped, the inflatable castle began to deflate, much to the children's disappointment.
6. He had to deflate the air mattress before packing it.
7. The punctured tire began to slowly deflate on the highway.
8. To store the kayak, you need to deflate it completely.
9. The balloon started to deflate after the party ended.
10. Use caution when you deflate a bike tire to avoid damage.
11. She needed to deflate her expectations for the event.
12. The mechanic had to deflate the overinflated tire.
13. The financial crisis caused property values to deflate.
14. A pinprick can quickly deflate a beach ball.
15. He watched the hot air balloon deflate gracefully.
16. The goal is to deflate the excessive housing market.
17. The economic bubble began to deflate, causing panic.
18. Deflate the beach toys to fit them in the car.
19. The coach had to deflate the team's unrealistic ambitions.
20. Inflation can quickly deflate the value of money.
21. Slowly deflate the inflatable boat for storage.
22. The news of the scandal started to deflate public trust.
23. The party atmosphere began to deflate as guests left.
24. Use the valve to deflate the air mattress easily.
25. The controversy threatened to deflate the company's image.



reduce, inflate, expand, swell


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