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How to pronounce deleterious (audio)


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Dictionary definition of deleterious

Having a harmful or damaging effect on something or someone.
"The use of pesticides in farming can have deleterious effects on wildlife."

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Detailed meaning of deleterious

It is often used to describe substances or conditions that cause harm, such as toxins, pollutants, or diseases. For example, a deleterious chemical is one that can cause harm to living organisms, while a deleterious lifestyle choice, such as smoking or excessive drinking, can have negative health consequences. The term deleterious suggests a strong sense of harm and is often used in a medical or scientific context. The word is derived from the Latin word "deleterius," which means "injurious" or "harmful." Overall, deleterious is a term used to describe anything that can cause harm or damage to something or someone, often in a significant or lasting way.

Example sentences containing deleterious

1. Smoking cigarettes has deleterious effects on your health.
2. The pollution from the factory had a deleterious impact on the environment.
3. Lack of exercise can have deleterious effects on your physical and mental health.
4. The side effects of the medication were deemed deleterious by the doctor.
5. Excessive consumption of alcohol can have deleterious effects on your liver.
6. The use of plastic bags has a deleterious impact on our oceans and marine life.

History and etymology of deleterious

The adjective 'deleterious' has its roots in Latin, originating from the word 'deleterius,' which means 'harmful' or 'noxious.' This Latin term is derived from 'deletere,' a verb meaning 'to harm' or 'to injure.' The word 'deletere' is thought to be related to 'de-' (meaning 'away from') and 'lētum' (meaning 'death' or 'destruction'). Consequently, 'deleterious' entered the English language with its Latin sense intact, describing anything that has a harmful or damaging effect on something or someone. Its etymology emphasizes the notion of causing harm or injury, making it a suitable term for expressing the adverse consequences of various factors or actions.

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Further usage examples of deleterious

1. The introduction of non-native species can have deleterious effects on an ecosystem.
2. Constant exposure to loud noise can have deleterious effects on your hearing.
3. The chemical spill had a deleterious impact on the local community's water supply.
4. The lack of sleep can have deleterious effects on your cognitive function.
5. The high sugar content in soda can have deleterious effects on your teeth and overall health.
6. Smoking has deleterious effects on lung health.
7. The deleterious impact of pollution on ecosystems is evident.
8. Excessive stress can have deleterious effects on mental well-being.
9. The deleterious consequences of a sedentary lifestyle are well-documented.
10. The chemicals in the product had a deleterious effect on skin.
11. Poor nutrition can have deleterious effects on physical health.
12. The deleterious influence of negative people is best avoided.
13. Overusing antibiotics can lead to deleterious consequences.
14. Exposing children to violence can have deleterious long-term effects.
15. Failing to wear sunscreen can have deleterious effects on skin.
16. The deleterious impact of deforestation on wildlife is alarming.
17. Excessive sugar consumption is known to be deleterious to teeth.
18. The deleterious outcome of the decision was unforeseen.
19. The deleterious effects of sleep deprivation are well-documented.
20. Consuming expired food can have deleterious health consequences.
21. The deleterious influence of peer pressure can lead to poor choices.
22. The lack of exercise had a deleterious effect on her fitness.
23. The deleterious consequences of the economic downturn were widespread.
24. Ignoring early warning signs can have deleterious consequences.



harmful, beneficial, helpful, salutary


GRE 7 (Graduate Record Examination), Ravage and Ruin, Deterioration and Decline, Health and Physiology, Harmful and Detrimental

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