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Definition of 'arduous'

Extremely difficult, demanding, and requiring a great deal of effort, perseverance, and determination to complete or overcome.
"The arduous journey across the desert took weeks and left them exhausted."

Detailed Meaning of 'arduous'

When we characterize something as arduous, we emphasize the physical or mental strain and the significant obstacles or hardships involved. Arduous endeavors often test one's endurance and resilience, and they may require meticulous planning and unwavering commitment. Whether it's an arduous journey through harsh terrain, an arduous academic course, or an arduous project at work, this term conveys a sense of formidable difficulty and the need for tenacity and hard work to achieve success. Arduous tasks are not easily undertaken, but the sense of accomplishment upon their completion is often immensely rewarding.


Examples of 'arduous' in a Sentence

1. Counting ballots is an arduous task that requires great effort and concentration.
2. It was an arduous journey over one of the the most perilous mountain ranges in the world.
3. Rowing accross the Atlantic ocean is an arduous journey of approximately 4,700 km.
4. Climbing Mount Everest is an arduous adventure full of danger and trepidation.
5. They escaped from occupied territory after a series of arduous encounters with the enemy.
6. The refugees commenced an arduous journey fleeing from their war-torn country.

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Origins & Etymology of 'arduous'

The adjective 'arduous' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'ardere,' which means 'to burn.' In its original Latin usage, 'ardere' was associated with the burning intensity of a fire or flame. Over time, this sense of intense heat and effort evolved into the Latin word 'arduosus,' which meant 'steep' or 'difficult to climb.' 'Arduous' as we know it today passed into English from this Latin term, and it came to describe tasks or challenges that are extremely difficult, demanding, and require a great deal of effort, perseverance, and determination to complete or overcome. The etymology of 'arduous' underscores the notion of a steep and challenging ascent, likening such efforts to the intensity of a burning flame.

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