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Definition of 'laborious'

Requiring a great deal of effort, hard work, and painstaking detail to accomplish.
"The laborious task of filing taxes took the whole weekend to complete."

Detailed Meaning of 'laborious'

When we characterize a task, process, or endeavor as laborious, we emphasize its arduous nature, suggesting that it demands significant time and energy investments. Laborious tasks often involve intricate steps, repetitive actions, or a high level of detail, making them both mentally and physically taxing. This term conveys a sense of toil and struggle, implying that the effort expended is substantial, and it may lead to weariness or fatigue. Despite the challenges associated with laborious endeavors, they are often undertaken with determination and commitment, as they can lead to valuable and rewarding outcomes. Overall, "laborious" underscores the demanding and strenuous nature of a task or activity.


Examples of 'laborious' in a Sentence

1. The research project required a laborious analysis of extensive data.
2. The intricate artwork demanded a laborious attention to detail.
3. The writer spent hours on a laborious revision process to perfect the manuscript.
4. The construction workers endured a laborious task of lifting heavy materials.
5. The scientist conducted a laborious experiment to validate the hypothesis.
6. The student's laborious study habits paid off with excellent grades.

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Origins & Etymology of 'laborious'

The adjective 'laborious' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'laboriosus,' which is derived from 'labor,' meaning 'work' or 'toil.' In its original Latin form, 'laboriosus' conveyed the sense of being full of labor or requiring much work. This notion of effort and hard work has persisted in the evolution of the term into English. 'Laborious' describes tasks or activities that demand a significant amount of effort, dedication, and painstaking detail to accomplish. Its etymology underscores the idea that such endeavors are characterized by the labor or toil invested in them, emphasizing the hardworking and meticulous nature of the work involved.

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