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Definition of 'strenuous'

Requiring great physical or mental effort, strength, or exertion.
"The firefighters faced a strenuous battle to contain the blazing fire."

Detailed Meaning of 'strenuous'

It describes activities, tasks, or situations that are demanding, rigorous, or challenging in nature. When something is strenuous, it typically involves intense physical activity, such as vigorous exercise or laborious work that puts strain on the body. It can also pertain to mentally demanding tasks that require deep concentration, critical thinking, or problem-solving skills. Strenuous activities often push individuals to their limits, testing their endurance, stamina, and resilience. Engaging in strenuous activities can lead to fatigue, but it can also promote personal growth, achievement, and a sense of accomplishment. Whether it's a physically demanding workout, a mentally challenging project, or a strenuous hike, this adjective captures the essence of rigorous and demanding efforts that require significant strength and determination to overcome.


Examples of 'strenuous' in a Sentence

1. The hike up the steep mountain trail was strenuous but incredibly rewarding.
2. She endured a strenuous workout at the gym to build her strength and endurance.
3. The construction workers faced a strenuous task of lifting heavy materials all day.
4. The student prepared for the strenuous exam by studying late into the night.
5. Running a marathon is a strenuous feat that requires months of training.
6. The ballet dancers practiced their strenuous routines tirelessly to perfect their performances.

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Origins & Etymology of 'strenuous'

The adjective 'strenuous' finds its linguistic origins in Latin and ultimately traces its roots to the Latin word 'strenuus,' which means 'active,' 'vigorous,' or 'energetic.' This term made its way into Middle English as 'strenuous,' retaining its essence of describing activities or tasks demanding great physical or mental effort, strength, or exertion. Over time, 'strenuous' has become a key descriptor for endeavors that require substantial determination and exertion. Whether referring to physically demanding workouts, mentally challenging tasks, or any arduous undertaking, 'strenuous' aptly captures the essence of requiring significant effort and energy. Its etymology reflects the enduring human pursuit of excellence and the recognition of the demanding nature of such pursuits.

How to pronounce strenuous (audio)


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