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How to pronounce depose (audio)


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Dictionary definition of depose

To remove from a position of power or authority, usually through legal or political means.
"The rebels plan to depose the king and establish a republic."

Detailed meaning of depose

This can include removing a monarch or ruler from their throne, impeaching a president or governor, or testifying against a witness in a court of law. The term "depose" is often used in the context of legal proceedings, such as in a deposition, which is a formal statement given by a witness under oath, typically in preparation for a trial. In some context, the term can also mean to put an end to a certain status, office or authority, it can be done through legal, political or military means. Depose can also be used as a verb to describe the act of giving a deposition.

Example sentences containing depose

1. The board of directors might depose the CEO if the company's performance doesn't improve.
2. The attorney will depose the witness to get more information for the case.
3. The military has threatened to depose the government if corruption continues.
4. The shareholders can depose the current board if they believe it is not acting in their best interest.
5. The council has the power to depose the mayor under certain circumstances.
6. The investigative committee wants to depose the former employee regarding the allegations.

History and etymology of depose

The verb 'depose' has its origins in Latin, coming from the word 'deponere.' In Latin, 'de' means 'down from' or 'away from,' and 'ponere' means 'to place' or 'to put.' Therefore, 'depose' can be etymologically understood as 'to remove from a position or place.' This term is commonly used to describe the act of ousting or removing someone, often from a position of power or authority, through legal or political means. The etymology of 'depose' underscores the idea of taking someone down from their position, symbolizing the transfer of authority and power from one individual to another, typically as a result of legal or institutional processes.

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Further usage examples of depose

1. If the king continues to abuse his power, the citizens might unite to depose him.
2. The opposition party is leading a campaign to depose the current leadership.
3. The student body will depose the student council president if he fails to fulfill his promises.
4. The labor union aims to depose its leader due to questionable financial dealings.
5. The international community may pressure the country to depose its dictator.
6. The legal team plans to depose several experts as part of the discovery process.
7. The members of the organization have convened a meeting to discuss whether to depose the chairman.
8. The inquiry panel has summoned the minister to depose in the case.
9. A revolt within the party is brewing to depose the party head.
10. The tribes are banding together to depose the chieftain accused of treachery.
11. The revolutionary forces have vowed to depose the tyrannical regime.
12. The prosecutor intends to depose the defendant's family members to gain insight into the case.
13. The court will allow the lawyer to depose the whistleblower regarding corporate malpractices.
14. The rebels sought to depose the corrupt dictator.
15. The board voted unanimously to depose the CEO.
16. The coup attempt aimed to depose the incumbent government.
17. They managed to depose the reigning champion in a surprising upset.
18. The impeachment trial is set to depose the president.
19. The revolutionaries planned to depose the monarchy.
20. The shareholders decided to depose the ineffective chairman.
21. The committee will depose witnesses to gather evidence.
22. The military's goal was to depose the oppressive regime.
23. The opposition party wants to depose the current prime minister.
24. They successfully deposed the corrupt mayor through legal channels.



overthrow, appoint, install, enthrone


SAT 3 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 13, Leadership and Governance

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