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How to pronounce disillusioned (audio)


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Dictionary definition of disillusioned

Disappointment and loss of hope or trust in something or someone that was once believed to be positive or ideal.
"He was disillusioned with his friends, feeling that they were not supportive or loyal."


Detailed meaning of disillusioned

When someone becomes disillusioned, they feel as though they have been let down or deceived by the reality of a situation, often after holding high expectations or idealistic views. This can lead to a sense of sadness, bitterness, and cynicism. For example, a person may become disillusioned with their job after realizing it is not what they thought it would be or a person may become disillusioned with a political leader after learning of their unethical actions. Overall, the term disillusioned describes a state of disappointment and loss of faith that can arise when one's expectations or ideals are shattered by reality.

Example sentences containing disillusioned

1. She felt deeply disillusioned and betrayed after the company's massive layoffs.
2. Over time, he became increasingly disillusioned with the political system he once believed in.
3. Their empty promises and lack of follow-through left her feeling profoundly disillusioned.
4. Disillusioned and exhausted, he finally decided to leave the toxic relationship for good.
5. Disillusioned employees, fed up with broken promises, began actively seeking new job opportunities.
6. The failure of the ambitious project left us all deeply disillusioned and questioning our efforts.

History and etymology of disillusioned

The adjective 'disillusioned' is formed from the verb 'disillusion,' which combines the prefix 'dis-' (meaning 'to do the opposite of' or 'to reverse') with the word 'illusion.' 'Illusion' originates from the Latin word 'illusio,' which means 'a mocking' or 'a deceiving.' Therefore, 'disillusioned' etymologically conveys the idea of doing the opposite of deceiving or dispelling illusions. It describes the emotional state of being disappointed and experiencing a loss of hope or trust in something or someone that was once believed to be positive, ideal, or illusory. The term underscores the concept of a reversal from a state of belief or idealization to a state of clarity and disenchantment, often as a result of discovering the true nature of a situation or person.

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Further usage examples of disillusioned

1. She grew increasingly disillusioned with the music industry's superficiality and lack of authenticity.
2. He became disillusioned with the trappings of fame and yearned for a simpler life.
3. Disillusioned voters, frustrated with the status quo, were eager for meaningful change.
4. Disillusioned fans gradually abandoned the once-beloved sports team as they consistently underperformed.
5. The scandal and ethical lapses of the beloved celebrity left many fans deeply disillusioned.
6. Despite repeated setbacks, she remained resilient and determined, refusing to be fully disillusioned by her dreams.
7. The pervasive corruption within the political system left countless citizens disillusioned and cynical.
8. Disillusioned by a string of failed relationships, he decided to close his heart to further pain.
9. Disillusioned dreams may take time to heal, but with persistence, they can be rebuilt stronger than before.
10. Disillusioned by the outcome of the project, he made the difficult decision to quit and explore new opportunities.
11. She was left feeling profoundly disillusioned by the people she had trusted, but her resilience allowed her to move forward.
12. Disillusioned clients, frustrated with poor service, began actively seeking alternatives in the market.
13. Disillusioned investors, concerned about the company's financial stability, started withdrawing their funds.
14. Despite feeling disillusioned by their initial setbacks, they were determined to start anew and forge their own path to success.
15. She was becoming increasingly disillusioned with her job, feeling unappreciated and undervalued.
16. He was deeply disillusioned with politics, feeling that the system was corrupt and ineffective.
17. She was growing more and more disillusioned with her marriage, feeling that it had lost its spark.
18. He was becoming disillusioned with his career, feeling that he was not making a difference.
19. She was disillusioned with the lack of progress in society, feeling that things were not changing for the better.
20. He was disillusioned with religion, feeling that it no longer provided him with any comfort or guidance.
21. She was disillusioned with the education system, feeling that it did not prepare students for the real world.
22. She was disillusioned with the government, feeling that it was not doing enough to help the people.
23. He was disillusioned with the media, feeling that it was spreading misinformation and propaganda.
24. She was disillusioned with the state of the economy, feeling that it was not improving for the average person.
25. He was disillusioned with the state of the world, feeling that it was becoming increasingly violent and dangerous.



disenchanted, enchanted, optimistic, idealistic


TOEFL 8, Complaint and Discontent, Disappearance and Loss, Disenchantment and Discontent

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