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How to pronounce dispossess (audio)

Dictionary definition of dispossess

To deprive someone of their possession or property, often forcibly or unlawfully.
"The landlord threatened to dispossess the tenants if they didn't pay the rent."

Detailed meaning of dispossess

This term can be used in a variety of contexts, such as in legal disputes over land, evictions, or confiscations of assets. Dispossessing can involve a range of actions, from seizing property or evicting people from their homes to denying access to resources or opportunities. In some cases, dispossessing may be done for a legitimate reason, such as in cases of eminent domain or the repossession of collateral. However, dispossessing can also be a means of exploitation, oppression, or discrimination, particularly when it is done to vulnerable or marginalized groups. Overall, the verb dispossess implies the loss or denial of something that is rightfully owned or claimed by someone.

Example sentences containing dispossess

1. They aim to dispossess families and claim the fertile lands for mining.
2. Lawyers warned it's illegal to dispossess tenants without a proper notice.
3. Greedy kings used to dispossess villagers to expand their opulent palaces.
4. The army plans to dispossess locals to build their new expansive base here.
5. Powerful tycoons conspired to dispossess farmers of their ancestral lands.
6. The invaders aim to dispossess us, but we will fight for our homes fiercely.

History and etymology of dispossess

The verb 'dispossess' has its etymological roots in Latin, particularly from the word 'dispossidere,' which is a combination of 'dis-' (away from) and 'possidere' (to possess). In essence, 'dispossess' originally meant 'to take away possession from.' In English, it is used to describe the act of depriving someone of their possession or property, often forcibly or unlawfully. The term emphasizes the action of removing or divesting individuals of what they rightfully own. The etymology of 'dispossess' underscores its historical connection to the concept of dispossession, highlighting the sometimes coercive nature of this act when individuals are deprived of their belongings or property against their will or legal rights.

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Further usage examples of dispossess

1. Without mercy, pirates would dispossess traders of goods on the open seas.
2. The corrupt elite can dispossess the poor with laws manipulated cunningly.
3. To build empires, colonizers would dispossess natives of homes and culture.
4. In times of war, soldiers often dispossess citizens to occupy strategic areas.
5. He used legal loopholes to dispossess her of her property swiftly and silently.
6. The court ruled in favor of the company and granted them the power to dispossess the property owner.
7. The government passed a law allowing them to dispossess individuals who were illegally occupying public land.
8. The wealthy businessman used his influence to dispossess smaller competitors of their assets.
9. The legal team fought to prevent the bank from dispossessing the struggling homeowners.
10. The landlord sought to dispossess the family from their apartment due to violations of the lease agreement.
11. The colonial powers attempted to dispossess indigenous peoples of their ancestral lands.
12. The court order forced the company to dispossess the shareholders of their voting rights.
13. The authorities moved to dispossess the squatters living in the abandoned building.
14. The government's controversial decision to dispossess farmers of their land sparked widespread protests.
15. The company used unethical tactics to dispossess its competitors of valuable contracts.
16. The new policy aimed to dispossess corporations of their tax breaks and loopholes.
17. The court's decision to dispossess the artist of his intellectual property rights caused a public outcry.
18. The organization launched a campaign to protect vulnerable communities from being dispossessed by developers.
19. The bank threatened to dispossess the homeowners if they didn't meet their mortgage payments.
20. The government resorted to force to dispossess rebels from their strongholds.
21. The legal battle centered around the right to dispossess the former business partners of their shares in the company.
22. The city council voted to dispossess the company of its contract to provide public services.
23. The historical account detailed how indigenous tribes were dispossessed of their land during colonization.
24. The landlord attempted to dispossess the tenant without proper legal proceedings.



evict, bestow, grant, award


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