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How to pronounce disrepair (audio)

Dictionary definition of disrepair

A state of neglect or decay, typically with respect to buildings, structures, or objects.
"The old house had fallen into disrepair after years of neglect."

Detailed meaning of disrepair

When something is in disrepair, it means that it is in a state of disuse or disuse, and has not been properly maintained or repaired over time. This can manifest in various ways, such as broken windows, peeling paint, cracked walls, or rusted metal. In essence, disrepair is the opposite of good repair, and is often a result of a lack of attention or investment in upkeep. Disrepair can also be used more broadly to describe a state of decline or deterioration in a system or organization, such as when a company is said to be in disrepair due to poor management or financial troubles. Ultimately, the noun "disrepair" suggests a state of neglect and disuse that is often in need of attention and repair to restore it to its former condition.

Example sentences containing disrepair

1. The city council was criticized for allowing the roads to fall into disrepair.
2. The playground was closed due to disrepair and safety concerns.
3. The historic building was in such disrepair that it was deemed unsafe for use.
4. The car had been left out in the rain and was now in a state of disrepair.
5. The bridge was closed for repairs due to its disrepair.
6. The neglected garden was in a state of disrepair, with weeds and overgrown plants.

History and etymology of disrepair

The noun 'disrepair' is a combination of two English words: 'dis-' and 'repair.' The prefix 'dis-' is derived from Old English and signifies a negative or reversing action. On the other hand, 'repair' has its roots in the Latin word 'reparare,' which means 'to prepare again' or 'to restore.' Therefore, the etymology of 'disrepair' conveys the idea of undoing or reversing the process of repairing or restoring. Over time, it has come to describe a state of neglect or decay, typically with respect to buildings, structures, or objects that have fallen into a condition where they require attention and restoration because proper repairs have been neglected. The term 'disrepair' emphasizes the reversal of the repair process, highlighting the deterioration and abandonment of something that was once in good condition.

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Further usage examples of disrepair

1. The landlord was fined for letting the rental property fall into disrepair.
2. The museum had to close for renovations to fix the disrepair of the exhibits.
3. The church had fallen into disrepair and needed extensive restoration work.
4. The disrepair of the public library had become a topic of concern for the community.
5. The disrepair of the historic monument was a source of sadness for the town's residents.
6. The old house fell into a state of disrepair after years of neglect.
7. The abandoned building showed signs of disrepair with broken windows and crumbling walls.
8. The park was closed due to its disrepair and safety concerns.
9. The disrepair of the bridge posed a risk to motorists, prompting urgent repairs.
10. The disrepair of the school's facilities hindered the students' learning experience.
11. The historic monument was restored after years of disrepair.
12. The disrepair of the playground equipment forced its closure for maintenance.
13. The disrepair of the road caused numerous potholes and uneven surfaces.
14. The old mansion fell into disrepair after years of abandonment.
15. Neglected parks in the city suffer from disrepair and overgrowth.
16. The disrepair of the bridge posed a safety hazard to commuters.
17. Abandoned factories in the town are a testament to disrepair.
18. The historic church's disrepair saddened the local community.
19. Neglecting maintenance led to the disrepair of the playground.
20. Disrepair of public infrastructure calls for urgent attention.
21. The neglected lighthouse showed signs of disrepair.
22. Disrepair of the ancient castle hinted at its storied past.
23. Crumbling facades revealed the disrepair of urban buildings.
24. The disrepair of the library threatened its invaluable collection.



decay, maintenance, well-kept, preservation


Challenges and Difficulties, Cleanliness and Upkeep, Deterioration and Decline, Decline and Decay, Improvement and Deterioration

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