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How to pronounce neglect (audio)


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Dictionary definition of neglect

To fail to take proper care of something, or to fail to attend to one's responsibilities.
"They often neglect to put on sunscreen before going to the beach."

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Detailed meaning of neglect

It implies a lack of attention, care, or consideration towards something or someone. The term can be used to describe a wide range of behaviors, such as in parenting, caretaking, or housekeeping. In the context of parenting, neglect refers to a failure to provide for a child's basic needs, such as food, clothing, or shelter. In the context of caretaking, it refers to a failure to provide for the needs of elderly, disabled or sick individuals. In the context of housekeeping, it refers to a failure to maintain a clean and safe living environment. Neglect can also refer to the failure to maintain or repair something, such as a car, a building or a property. In general, when something is described as neglect, it implies a lack of attention, care, or consideration towards something or someone and a failure to take proper care of something, or to fail to attend to one's responsibilities.

Example sentences containing neglect

1. It is not a good idea to neglect the signs of a serious health condition.
2. In their busy lives, people tend to neglect self-care.
3. When you neglect to study, you might not pass the exam.
4. Even successful businesses can neglect the importance of customer service.
5. Don't neglect to send thank you notes after a job interview.
6. Parents must not neglect their child's emotional needs.

History and etymology of neglect

The verb 'neglect' has its roots in Latin, particularly from the word 'neglegere,' which is formed by combining 'ne,' meaning 'not,' and 'legere,' meaning 'to pick' or 'to choose.' In Latin, 'neglegere' originally meant 'to not pick' or 'to disregard.' As the term transitioned into English, it came to signify the act of failing to take proper care of something or to neglect one's responsibilities. To 'neglect' is to knowingly or unintentionally disregard or overlook something that requires attention or care. It implies a lack of proper consideration or diligence. The etymology of 'neglect' emphasizes the idea of not picking up or choosing to address something, highlighting the failure to fulfill one's duties or obligations.

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Further usage examples of neglect

1. It's unwise to neglect your vehicle's regular maintenance.
2. If you neglect the garden, weeds will soon take over.
3. You neglect to appreciate small joys in life when you're always chasing big dreams.
4. People often neglect to drink enough water throughout the day.
5. If you neglect the needs of your pets, they may become unhappy.
6. If we neglect to properly clean our homes, it could lead to an infestation.
7. Sometimes, in the race of life, we neglect our mental health.
8. Don't neglect the advice of elders, as it often comes from experience.
9. If you neglect to save money, you may not have funds for emergencies.
10. It is not good to neglect daily exercise as it is vital for our health.
11. Never neglect to express gratitude when someone does something nice for you.
12. People who neglect their diet often suffer from malnutrition.
13. He chose to neglect his duties, leading to a work crisis.
14. Neglecting your health can have long-term consequences.
15. Parents should never neglect their children's well-being.
16. Neglecting regular maintenance can harm your car's performance.
17. She vowed never to neglect her friendships again.
18. Neglecting the environment can result in irreversible damage.
19. Neglecting time management can lead to missed opportunities.
20. They had to intervene when the child's parents neglected them.
21. Neglecting self-care can lead to burnout and exhaustion.
22. The company's neglect of customer complaints hurt its reputation.
23. Neglecting to save for retirement is a common financial mistake.
24. Neglecting safety protocols can lead to accidents at work.



disregard, cherish, maintain, nurture


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