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How to pronounce disrobe (audio)


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Dictionary definition of disrobe

To remove one's clothing or garments, typically in a deliberate or intentional manner.
"The suspect was asked to disrobe for a thorough search at the airport security checkpoint."


Detailed meaning of disrobe

It involves taking off or undressing oneself, shedding the layers that cover the body. Whether done privately or in a public setting, disrobing entails the deliberate unveiling of one's physical form, exposing oneself to others or simply seeking personal comfort. This action can be associated with various contexts, including changing clothes, preparing for a shower or bath, participating in certain rituals or ceremonies, or engaging in intimate moments. Disrobing involves the conscious act of releasing the encumbrance of clothing, revealing the natural state of the body beneath the fabric and allowing for a sense of freedom and vulnerability.

Example sentences containing disrobe

1. The performer will disrobe on stage as part of their act.
2. Please disrobe and put on a hospital gown before the examination.
3. The model will disrobe behind the scenes for a quick outfit change.
4. The actor will disrobe in the dressing room before getting into costume.
5. Guests are required to disrobe before entering the spa's steam room.
6. The magician will disrobe to reveal a surprise hidden underneath.

History and etymology of disrobe

The verb 'disrobe' has its origins in Middle English, where it was originally spelled as 'disroben.' This Middle English term was influenced by the Old French word 'desrober,' which was formed by adding the prefix 'des-' (meaning 'away' or 'off') to the Old French verb 'rober,' meaning 'to rob' or 'to plunder.' The notion of 'taking off' or 'removing' in the context of clothing is evident in the transformation from 'robbery' to 'disrobing.' Therefore, etymologically, 'disrobe' signifies the deliberate or intentional act of removing one's clothing or garments. Its historical connection to the idea of taking off, akin to undressing, has shaped its modern usage to describe the intentional act of clothing removal.

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Further usage examples of disrobe

1. In the privacy of their bedroom, they disrobe before getting into bed.
2. The swimmer will disrobe at the poolside before diving into the water.
3. The dancer will disrobe during the performance to showcase a costume change.
4. The character in the play will disrobe to symbolize vulnerability and self-discovery.
5. Participants in the sauna must disrobe completely to experience the full benefits.
6. The artist will disrobe for a live body painting session.
7. The patient will be asked to disrobe for a thorough physical examination.
8. The actor will disrobe behind the curtain, preparing for their entrance.
9. In the movie scene, the character will disrobe to reveal a hidden weapon.
10. Models on the runway often disrobe in quick transitions between outfits.
11. The athlete will disrobe in the locker room before a practice session.
12. The actor's role requires them to disrobe in a vulnerable and emotionally charged scene.
13. The costume designer will instruct the actors on how to properly disrobe during the performance.
14. As the temperature rises, it is common for people to disrobe to cool down.



undress, dress, clothe, garb


Fashion and Flamboyance, Continuation and Perseverance, Clothing and Appearance

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