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How to pronounce domicile (audio)

Dictionary definition of domicile

A person's permanent residence or the place where they consider their home.
"He established his domicile in the United States after immigrating from Canada."

Detailed meaning of domicile

It is often used in legal contexts to refer to a person's legal residence for the purposes of taxes, voting, and other legal obligations. The concept of domicile is not the same as physical presence, as a person can have multiple residences or spend extended periods of time away from their domicile without changing it. Establishing domicile often involves factors such as the length of time spent in a particular location, the intention to make it a permanent home, and the abandonment of a previous domicile. In short, domicile is a legal and personal concept that refers to where a person resides and considers their true home.

Example sentences containing domicile

1. Their charming domicile was nestled in the heart of the countryside.
2. He chose a quaint beachfront domicile for his retirement.
3. The sprawling mansion served as their family domicile for generations.
4. The cozy cottage was her ideal domicile for a peaceful retirement.
5. They made their domicile in the bustling city for career opportunities.
6. The historic castle was an impressive domicile for the royal family.

History and etymology of domicile

The noun 'domicile' has its roots in Latin, originating from the word 'domicilium,' which is a combination of 'domus,' meaning 'house,' and '-cilium,' a suffix indicating a place. In Latin, 'domicilium' referred to a place of residence or dwelling. As the term made its way into English, it retained this fundamental meaning, describing a person's permanent residence or the place where they consider their home. 'Domicile' embodies the idea of a fixed and established place of living, often with a sense of permanence. It is a legal term used to determine a person's legal residence, particularly in matters of jurisdiction and taxation. The etymology of 'domicile' underscores the concept of a place that is intimately associated with one's identity and legal status, emphasizing the idea of a permanent and recognized abode.

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Further usage examples of domicile

1. The remote mountain cabin was their secluded domicile of choice.
2. She transformed the old barn into a comfortable domicile.
3. Their urban domicile offered convenience but lacked green spaces.
4. The luxurious penthouse served as his primary domicile in the city.
5. Her childhood domicile held cherished memories of family gatherings.
6. The spacious apartment was a suitable domicile for their growing family.
7. The quaint village was the ideal domicile for artists seeking inspiration.
8. The coastal villa served as a tranquil summer domicile.
9. He cherished his childhood domicile and returned whenever he could.
10. The nomadic lifestyle allowed them to have a diverse domicile.
11. Their suburban domicile was close to schools and parks.
12. The historic district featured beautifully preserved domiciles.
13. She planned to make the cabin her permanent domicile upon retirement.
14. Their beachfront domicile provided stunning views and relaxation.
15. My domicile is in New York City, but I also have a summer home in the Hamptons.
16. The company's domicile is in Delaware, where the corporate tax laws are more favorable.
17. The athlete's domicile is in Monaco, where they enjoy tax benefits for high-income earners.
18. The legal battle centered around the domicile of the deceased millionaire.
19. She couldn't vote in the local election because her domicile was in a different district.
20. The student's domicile for the purposes of tuition was in-state, which made their education more affordable.
21. He had to prove his domicile in the country before he could apply for citizenship.
22. The company relocated its domicile to a foreign country to take advantage of lower taxes.
23. The judge ruled that the defendant's domicile was in the state where the crime was committed.
24. The family's domicile was destroyed in a natural disaster, and they had to start over in a new location.
25. The politician faced scrutiny over their domicile, which was in a different state than the one they represented.



home, office, wilderness, transient


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