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How to pronounce elan (audio)


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Dictionary definition of elan

A distinctive and exuberant style, flair, or enthusiastic energy that a person, group, or endeavor exhibits.
"His speech was delivered with such elan that it inspired the entire team."

Detailed meaning of elan

It conveys a sense of vitality, spirit, and vivacity, often associated with enthusiasm, confidence, and a zest for life. When someone or something is said to have 'elan,' it implies a dynamic and engaging presence that captures attention and exudes a positive, vibrant attitude. Whether applied to a charismatic performer, an energetic team, or a lively party, 'elan' highlights the captivating and infectious charm that sets them apart and infuses a sense of excitement and liveliness into the atmosphere.

Example sentences containing elan

1. She danced with an effortless elan that captivated the audience.
2. The artist painted with an elan that brought the canvas to life.
3. Her fashion sense was marked by a unique elan and sophistication.
4. The chef prepared the meal with a creative elan that delighted the diners.
5. His writing had an intellectual elan that set it apart from others.
6. The young gymnast performed her routine with grace and elan.

History and etymology of elan

The noun 'élan' has its origins in the French language, where it originally meant 'a vigorous spirit' or 'enthusiasm.' It can be traced back to the Old French word 'elanner,' which meant 'to throw or hurl' and was associated with a sense of vigorous action. The term 'élan' eventually evolved to describe a distinctive and exuberant style, flair, or enthusiastic energy that a person, group, or endeavor exhibits. This etymology reflects the idea that 'élan' embodies a sense of spiritedness and vigor, often characterized by an enthusiastic and lively approach to various pursuits, which is central to its contemporary meaning.

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Further usage examples of elan

1. The actor portrayed the character with an elan that earned critical acclaim.
2. The leader led the team with an elan that motivated everyone.
3. The musician played the violin with great elan, moving the audience to tears.
4. Her elan for adventure led her to explore remote and exotic places.
5. The entrepreneur approached each challenge with determination and elan.
6. His elan for life was infectious, spreading positivity to those around him.
7. The athlete tackled every obstacle with an elan that defined her career.
8. The diplomat handled delicate negotiations with grace and elan.
9. The writer's storytelling was characterized by an elan that kept readers hooked.
10. The fashion designer's collection exuded an elan that set a new trend.
11. His elan for solving puzzles made him a crossword champion.
12. The photographer captured the moment with an elan that made it timeless.
13. The actor's elan on stage brought the character to life in a way that left the audience in awe.
14. With elan, Jane painted, each stroke bursting with life and vibrant hues.
15. Teams with elan often outshine others, their spirit infectious and bold.
16. His writing had an elan that made every word dance and sing to readers.
17. Cities designed with elan boast architecture that breathes life and art.
18. Chefs with elan create dishes that are both a visual and culinary feast.
19. Music infused with elan has a soul-stirring effect, enchanting listeners.
20. Dance with elan tells a story, each movement echoing grace and passion.
21. Innovation thrives where engineers work with elan, bold and imaginative.
22. With elan, teachers ignite curiosity, turning classrooms into wonderlands.
23. Athletes with elan not only win but also captivate and inspire audiences.
24. Leaders with elan transform visions into reality with passion and vigor.



flair, dullness, lethargy, lackluster


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