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How to pronounce elementary (audio)


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Dictionary definition of elementary

Fundamental, basic, or primary in nature.
"The elementary level of the language course focused on simple vocabulary and grammar."

Detailed meaning of elementary

It implies simplicity, a foundation, or an initial stage of understanding. When something is described as elementary, it suggests that it is at the most basic or introductory level, typically associated with early education or foundational concepts. For example, elementary mathematics encompasses fundamental arithmetic operations and principles. Similarly, an elementary school is a level of education focused on providing primary education to young children. The term "elementary" can also be used to describe uncomplicated or straightforward tasks, ideas, or explanations that are easy to grasp for beginners or those with limited knowledge on a particular subject. Overall, the adjective "elementary" characterizes something as being fundamental, basic, and easily understandable, often serving as a starting point for more complex or advanced concepts.

Example sentences containing elementary

1. Understanding elementary principles is crucial for building a strong foundation.
2. Elementary math skills are essential for everyday problem-solving.
3. The elementary concepts of physics govern our everyday experiences.
4. Learning to read is an elementary skill for academic success.
5. Elementary knowledge of grammar improves communication.
6. Chemistry explores the elementary components of matter.

History and etymology of elementary

The adjective 'elementary' finds its etymological origins in Latin and Greek. It is a fusion of two components: 'element' and '-ary.' The term 'element' originates from the Latin word 'elementum,' which referred to the basic constituents or principles of nature, such as earth, water, air, and fire. These elements were considered the fundamental building blocks of the physical world. The suffix '-ary' is derived from the Latin '-arius,' indicating 'related to' or 'pertaining to.' Thus, 'elementary' literally means 'related to the elements' or 'pertaining to the fundamental principles.' In English, 'elementary' came to describe things that are fundamental, basic, or primary in nature, reflecting its origins in the concept of fundamental elements in the natural world. It is commonly used to denote the simplest or foundational aspects of various subjects, such as elementary mathematics or elementary principles.

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Further usage examples of elementary

1. An elementary grasp of history is vital to understand the present.
2. The elementary rules of etiquette guide social interactions.
3. Elementary safety precautions should never be overlooked.
4. In science, observation is an elementary method of inquiry.
5. Elementary coding skills are valuable in today's digital world.
6. Elementary hygiene practices promote overall well-being.
7. Elementary astronomy concepts help us navigate the night sky.
8. Elementary economics principles affect daily financial decisions.
9. Basic nutrition knowledge is elementary for a healthy lifestyle.
10. Elementary art techniques lay the foundation for creativity.
11. Elementary music theory is essential for aspiring musicians.
12. Geography provides an elementary understanding of our world.
13. Elementary psychology concepts shed light on human behavior.
14. Elementary political awareness is key to informed citizenship.
15. The elementary school students eagerly participated in a science experiment.
16. She taught her younger sibling basic math using elementary concepts.
17. The puzzle was designed to challenge the minds of elementary-age children.
18. The book explained complex scientific theories in an elementary and accessible manner.
19. The elementary ballet class practiced basic positions and movements.
20. The teacher provided an elementary explanation of the historical event to the students.
21. The elementary coding workshop introduced kids to the concepts of computer programming.
22. The game was designed to improve the elementary cognitive skills of young children.
23. The elementary level of the piano lesson involved learning basic notes and scales.
24. The elementary art class focused on exploring different colors and shapes.
25. The workshop offered an elementary introduction to painting techniques and styles.



basic, advanced, complex, complicated


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